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Omubudsman and Mr.Harris

A response to Alex Harris [AH] By Terry Bankert[trb]

Flint Ombudsman Brenda Purifoy and the office she oversees is a prime example of the utter waste taking place with our community's tax dollars. [AH]

I am sorry Mr. Harris that you side with those that do not want to hold government accountable.[trb]

With city revenues steadily dwindling, with major cutbacks in services on the horizon and with ever-growing deficits looming, taxpayers can ill afford the extravagence of Purifoy's do-nothing office that costs us $400,000 a year. [AH]

Did you join the Flint Journal Editorial Board and/or the City Adminstration Mr. Harris.[trb]

Brenda Purifoy has done a lot for us in Flint here are just a few examples from her annual report.[trb]

16-May-06 A Flint Police Officer is accused of favoritism, abuse of authority unfair treatment of a citizen because of friendship with the accuser.

30-Mar-07 Citizen confides in Ombudsman of possible drug dealing at corner store. Ombudsman refers same to Special Operations.

26-Sep-06 Complainant received notification from Flint Police Dept to pick up impounded vehicle. Upon checking found vehicle had already been sold.

23-Jun-06 The Office of the Ombudsman assisted complainant with negotiating payment of delinquent tax bill.

08-Jan-07 Allegations of unfairness and lack of courtesy was filed against Flint Police Officers while on duty.

18-May-06 Allegations filed against 911 Operator of negligence for not responding to a call. Ombudsman Office investigated the allegations and lack of response by Operator was sustained

06-Apr-07 Lack of discipline allegations was filed against Interim Chief of the Flint Police Dept. Damage claim form completed was submitted to the City Attorney.

19-May-06 Excessive Force complaint filed against Flint Police Officers

22-Aug-06 It has been determined that an off duty Police Officer violated numerous department rules and regulations regarding a citizens rights, consequently resulting in lawsuit.

25-Sep-06 Anonymous complaint made that certain employees misused Family Leave Act.

11-Sep-06 Allegations of harassment, unfairness and negligence by Building and Safety Inspection division regarding rental home inspection.

26-Sep-06 Allegations made against Flint Police Department of errors, carelessness, mistakes and oversight.

28-Nov-06 Allegation made against a Sergeant of the Flint Police Department alleging favoritism, rudeness, harassment and disrespect, regarding gun charges.

18-Jan-07 Complainant vehicle was towed and placed in the City Vehicle Impound Lot. Upon investigation found complainant had the wrong agency. Referred to Genesee Township Police Department. Flint Police was the assisting agency and not at fault.

23-Jan-07 Due to the negligence of an area hospital and its security a mentally challenged person wondered away. Missing persons complaint was filed with the Flint Police Department. Allegations of lack of response and negligence were filed against the Flint Police Department. Office of Ombudsman made appropriate contacts and assisted in locating the individual.

23-Mar-07 Complainant alleges off duty intoxicated Officers abused their authority by brandishing police badges, being assaultive, belligerent, intimidating and threatening while at complainants business.

15-May-06 Complainant alleges unfairness and inadequate investigation by Flint Police Department in the death of her son.

21-May-06 Complainant alleges he had a complaint against a judge and was as a result mistreated by police.

22-Aug-06 Complainant alleges unfair treatment by City Vehicle Impound Lot employees.

13-Feb-07 Complainant alleges items were withheld in a 1995 murder investigation family just wants closure and the items of their loved one returned. Police Dept accused of being rude and lack of courtesy.

23-Feb-07 Allegations made against Flint Police Department of abuse of authority violation of laws and regulations and injustice for the illegal searching of her home.

17-Jan-07 Allegations made against Treasury Department for violations of laws and regulations regarding property taxes

08-Feb-07 Allegations made against the Flint Police Department regarding the City Impound Lot for injustice and unfairness with towing of their vehicle.

15-Feb-07 Allegations of negligence made against Street Maintenance and Transportation.

23-Mar-07 Allegation of negligence were filed against the Forestry Dept. for not removing a City tree.

29-Mar-07 Office of the Ombudsman assisted mother in locating the whereabouts of her missing son.

13-Oct-06 Allegations against process server and police officer of taking property from his residence without having proper paperwork.

19-Sep-06 Allegations against police and City Impound Lot of unfairness and improper towing and retaining of his vehicle.

16-Apr-07 Treasurer Department accused of oversight and mistakes in law regarding high water bill.

20-Apr-07 Allegations made against Building and Safety Inspection of being rude and unfair.

01-Sep-06 Allegations of mistakes and administrative errors against Personnel/Risk Management.

21-Sep-06 Allegations made against Emergency 911 of unfairness and negligence in not dispatching police to a call in time.

31-Jul-06 Complainant made allegations against City Attorney Alleging rudeness and unfairness.

26-Jul-06 Allegations against probation officers at 68th District Court alleging abuse of authority, rudeness and unfairness.
Over the nearly two years this discredited former police officer has held the ombudsman's job, virtually nothing of value has been derived from her meager efforts. Look no further then her 2006-07 annual report to discover Purifoy's office is an outright sham. [AH]

Yours is just a cheap attack on the office that has held your friend accountable,Mr.Harris.[trb]

During that period, Purifoy and her staff made claim to having handled 1,118 complaints. While that figure sounds impressive enough, a closer review shows no tangible evidence of meaningful results.[AH]

Most cases resolve issues for the citizens involved not political gadflys like Mr. Harris.[trb]

The sad fact is only 34 notations were cited in the section of Purifoy's report titled "The office in action: case studies." Even more astonishing was the childish, diarylike quality of these brief notations that lacked any specificity. The chief highlights of these 34 notations seemed to be: two individuals got referred elsewhere, three complainants were "assisted," one investigation was "undertaken," and the office of ombudsman helped somebody complete a form. Wow, all that in just one year. [AH]

Alex you should do your homework you got it wrong.[trb]

Recently, Purifoy captured some newspaper print in the aftermath of a politically inspired affair she chose to interject herself into.[AH]

Mr. Hariis you have no credibility.[trb]

The so-called invest ligation Purifoy launched was inspired by a frivilous complaint against current Flint City Council President Carolyn Sims and stretched back to the November 2005 election cycle. [AH]

It appears to me she did her job.[trb]

Acting on the groundless claims of a woman who said she was deprived of the right to vote because of somebody associated with Sims, the ombudsman concluded that Sims should be criminally investigated for alleged campaign violations. Additionally, Purifoy demanded Sims be censured by her colleagues. [AH]

It was a tough stand to take, but our Ombudsman stood her ground,[trb]

It should be no surprise these pathetic claims were engineered by a bitter and defeated old rival of Sims, one Benny Spence. Ironically, this startling piece of detective work by Purifoy came long after the county clerk, city clerk and county sheriff all concluded there was no substance to these silly allegations. [AH]

Your saterical juvenile attack on the Ombudsman Mr. Harris is baseless, you should practice civility.[trb]

I believe there is ample proof Purifoy lacks the substance to hold the $70,000-per-year job as Flint's ombudsman. [AH] Non that I see.[trb]

With layoffs in full swing in our city, I can't think of a person more deserving of a pink slip. Besides, it might free her up to finally pay all the delinquent tax bills she owes in our community. [AH]

This is exactly the time we need an Ombudsman ,while resources are being reduced, less people to do more work. We need an Ombusdamn to make sure we are treated fairly.[trb]

Office of the OmbudsmanCity Hall - North Building Rm. 101 120 E. Fifth Street Flint, MI 48502 (810) 766-7335 Fax: (810) 766-7262 ----

[AH] Pink-slip Flint ombusdsman FLINT JOURNAL LETTER TO THE EDITOR FLINT THE FLINT JOURNAL FIRST EDITIONTuesday, February 19, 2008 By Alex HarrisJournal Reader

[trb]comments of Terry Bankert

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