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Capt. Thomas Mengesha, Army lawyer stationed in Kuwait[6] Author of deployment guide for military personnel.[8]


Thomas Abate Mengesha faced guns while deployed returning to different guns aimed at him when returning home.[trb] What should have been one of the happiest days of Mengesha’s life turned out to be one of the worst[2]

Meanwhile, his wife wants the world to know her husband is a hero, not a criminal.[2] “To treat someone for serving his country, sacrificing for all of us, and to be treated this way – it’s not even American,” she said[2]

The investigation into Mengesha, the father of two young children, began in 2004.[2] Mengesha once had a law office downtown Flint.[trb] [4]

Good Morning Flint. 07/11/08
By Terry Bankert
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***** REFLECTION: IT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE COURT SYSTEM TO DISPENSE JUSTICE. The role of the Prosecutor is to bring people to court to allow the court to dispense justice. The role of the Sheriff is to hold people for court. And when sentenced to impose the justice the court ordered. The Sheriffs or the Prosecutors role is not to dispense justice. Some of us remember the perp walks of Anthony and Pritcher. I am not defending either one but only question why were they taken into district court in shackles with the press notifed ahead of time and the Sheriff and Prosecutor both present. The average person will say great. But in each case private attorney's were negotiating the entry into court. The Sheriff and Prosecutor decided to handle the high profile case differently.Here Mengesha has a private attorney negotiating his return to district court. He was arrested at the airport. Why? If he is given a humiliating perp walk and the yells of support fade away ask why? Were the Prosecutor and Sheriff disposing justice unique to the situation ? Or was it called for?-trb]I AM NOT DEFENDING MENGESHA IN ANY WAY, ONLY QUESTIONING THE PROCESS. *****

ATTORNEY HOWLING, THE INJUSTICE OF IT ALL After spending two years serving his country in Operation Iraqi Freedom, the 43-year-old attorney is now behind bars, accused of what Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton describes as a crime. [2] The attorney for a National Guardsman suspected of embezzling more than $200,000 is decrying the soldier's treatment by Genesee County authorities.[1] A former Mid-Michigan lawyer and soldier recently arrived home from Kuwait to find a pair of handcuffs waiting for him at Chicago’s O’Hare airport.[2]

WILL CAPTAIN MENGESHA HAVE TO REWRITE HIS POST DEPLOYMENT CHAPTER? Google page mast head follow: Mengesha Publishing Company ALERT!! On September 9th, 2008 Captain Tom "The Adjutant" Mengesha will publish his first book on the military. Check back often for updates and information on when and where you will be able to read his riveting account on military life that includes pre, during and post deployment processes in the Iraq war theater of operations! A must read for all Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines deployed around the world! For more information click on the link below.

ANOTHER CRIMINAL CAUGHT AT THE BOARDER Capt. Thomas Mengesha, 43, was arrested at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport Saturday night when he returned from the Middle East with his unit to discover an arrest warrant waiting for him at customs.[1]Army Capt. Thomas Mengesha was returning from demobilization Saturday when he was arrested on an outstanding warrant for embezzlement.[2] According to his attorney, Mengesha has waived extradition and should be returned to Michigan sometime this week[2]. Captain Mengesha is innocent until proven guilty.[trb] What is the status of the mengesha case?[trb] The Genesee County register of Actions shows that Thomas Abate Mengesha had an open felony Genesee County Circuit Court case 05-017243-FH in front of Judge Yuille. The companion 68th District Court case is 051660FY. A preliminary examination was held on 11/21/05. This record shows that Mengesha has posted a $5,000 bond. The charge is described as EMBZLMNT A/T/ $20000. Mengesha was arrested by the City of Flint Police Department. Mengesha’s retained attorney is Phillip Thomas Jr. On 12/19/05 Mengesha stood mute thereby entering a not guilty plea. On 2/06/08 Mengesha through counsel filed a motion to suppress certain tape recordings of a telephone conversation. A motion brief was filed and a motion to quash the information. On 4/13/08 Judge Yuille sent the case back to the 68th District Court. The District Court disposition is unknown by this writer. See [10]

BUT YOU PROMISED TO NOT EMBARRASS BEFORE YOU ARRESTED His attorney, Philip J. Thomas, claims Genesee County officials broke a promise to hold off on issuing the warrant until Mengesha came home from the war.[1] “This is a very serious crime, stealing over $200,000 from somebody of special needs,” said Leyton.[2] However, the case was put on hold and the prosecutor and defense attorney Philip Thomas disagree on the reason. [2] “The defendant, wanting to serve in the military – I believe he was in the reserves – asked for the case to be continued so he could fulfill his obligation to the United States military,” said Leyton [2] Thomas disagreed and said, “The prosecution was not ready to proceed, the case was dismissed.” [2] Mengesha’s wife, who is also an attorney, said they were blindsided by his arrest, and to make matters worse, she claims he was held incommunicado.[2]

ACTIVE DUTY WAS DOUBLE STRESSFUL BECAUSE OF THE DEPLOYMENT, HOW DID HE HANDLE IT? “It was also during the time I was at my mobilization station that I made certain covenants with myself. The first half of 2006 was a very stressful time in my life both personally and professionally. In addition to those conditions, my health was getting worse. At the time I reported to my unit for deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I weighed 316lbs and had a waist size of 54 inches. I made a commitment that during the time I was at my mobilization station I would get into shape as well as develop a healthy life style. I also endeavored to get spiritually stronger. One way I would accomplish this was by reading the book by Rick Warren entitled "Purpose Driven Life". By the way "Purpose Driven Life" has been one of the best books I have read to date. The book has helped me in all areas of my life.” Written by Thomas Mengesha.[8]

WHO IS THOMAS MENGESHA? FOLLOWING IS HIS INTERNET PROFILE. I have served in The United States Army for over 23 years both on Active Duty and as an Army Reservist. I have held the ranks of Private, Specialist, Sergeant, 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant and Captain. Most recently I was deployed to the Iraq war theater of operations from 2006 – 2008 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, (OIF). My primary duties were as Deputy Chief Theater, Rest and Recuperation Program and as the S1/Adjutant for the Base Support Battalion – North in Kuwait. Additionally, I served as Adjunct Assistant Professor with The University of Maryland University College in Kuwait where I taught Business Law and Business Ethics. I also taught classes with Central Texas College while in Kuwait. I will publish my first book soon. Check back often for updates on my book dealing with the military. I am also available for lectures on the topic “Deployment for Service Members, what I learned spending 2 years in the Iraq war theater of operations.”[9]

PROSECUTOR YOU BROKE YOUR PROMISE FIRST, BESIDES THIS IS A GREAT PHOTO OP- FOR THE PROSECUTOR AND SHERIFF. LOOK FOR ANOTHER SHACKLED PERP WALK. "It's unheard of to treat someone like this who has served his country," said Thomas. Genesee County Prosecutor David S. Leyton, however, said Mengesha intentionally kept local authorities in the dark about his previous returns home and had plenty of opportunities to contact prosecutors about the status of the embezzlement case against him.[1] According to their attorney, the prosecutor’s office made an agreement to notify him if and when the charges were reinstated and that Thomas should have been able to turn his client in to authorities at a scheduled time. [2] But the prosecutor said Mengesha threw any professional courtesy out the window when he didn’t notify authorities he was back in the U.S.[2]

ANOTHER BLACK EYE FOR THE ATTORNEYS IN FLINT MI USA Mengesha, who is also a lawyer, is charged with embezzlement for allegedly mishandling funds belonging to a special needs client.[1]

THIS CASE SOUNDS LIKE THE CASE OF SHANNON PRITCHER,THE POSTER GIRL FOR “BAD ATTORNEY” Investigators dug up $96,000 in cash buried in the backyard of a lawyer suspected of bilking upward of a half-million dollars from vulnerable clients. [3]This was a 2006 case.[trb] Shannon H. Pitcher, 35, of Saginaw was arraigned ... in Flint District Court on four counts of embezzlement from a vulnerable adult. [3]

HE WILL SAY IT WAS ON LY A LOAN? Investigators believe some of the money was used to pay for remodeling of Mengesha's Clarkston home.[1]

WHY DID THE PROSECUTOR WAIT? WHY WERE THERE PROMISES? DID THE VICTEM AGREE? The case was first brought in 2005 but was dismissed a year later. Prosecutors at the time said the charges would be refiled, but agreed to hold off because Mengesha's military unit had been called up for deployment overseas.[1]

NOW HERE IS A GUY THAT COULD CUT A UNIQUE REUP VIDEO! After Mengesha signed up for two more tours, the embezzlement charges were refiled in March.[1]

THIS PROSECUTOR TREATS ALL CRIMINALS ALIKE AND HIGH PROFILE PHOTO OP MISCREANTS EVEN MORE ALIKE. "It's a serious crime that needs to be addressed," said Leyton. "I believe he wanted it to go away and we are not going away."[1] TV5 contacted the man accusing Mengesha of embezzlement. [2] He would not comment on the specifics but did say, “Mengesha is a captain in the Army and took an oath as an attorney, which both require honor. He is not very honorable.” [2]

–END ARTICLE- By Terry Bankert 7/11/08 1. –

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