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The political turmoil caused by poverty and resource scarcity will affect United States Policy and Security![trb]
Good Morning Flint! 07/08/08

"The world faces three simultaneous crises - a food crisis, a climate crisis and a development crisis," [1] In the turmoil of our current world economic crisis we still have under developed contries needing the basics in aid to develop infrastructure and educate their people।[trb]

The G8 has been looked to for help from these still developing African nations with disappointment।[trb] Aid groups accused some of the G8 nations -- Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States -- of walking away from earlier commitments।[2]With the hardship facing the G8 its no wonder Africa is paid les sattention। But we are in this world together Globalization brings the countries in poverty to our door step।[trb]

People wonder why African nations are skeptical about the on-going G8 Summit on the Japanese Island of Hokkaido। Well, three years after the promises made at the Gleneagles summit in Scotland there is still little to show that the “Make Poverty History” rallying call was not just a mirage।It was bound to be.[6]

THE WORLD SHARES THE ECONOMIC CRISIS, DOES THIS CALL FOR MARKET CONTROL?African leaders have pressed the Group of Eight (G industrialised nations to control oil and food prices, warning the crisis threatens to aggravate an already desperate plight on the continent.[1]

MAJOR POWERS ACKNOWLEDGE THEY CANNOT GO IT ALONE.In terms of the number of participating world leaders, this is the largest summit since the first in 1975. The involvement of key countries outside of the club also reflects the G-8's recognition that the major powers themselves can no longer go it alone in the face of multiple global-level crises. [5] The G8 will continue to be an important resource for Africas poor.[trb]Aid groups like Oxfam say international funds help buy life-saving drugs crucial in fighting Africa's epidemics of AIDS and malaria. [3]

BROKEN PROMISE TO AID.They [the G8] are under increasing pressure to deliver on commitments made three years ago to double their aid to Africa - the continent hardest-hit by rising food and fuel costs.[1]They have not met this committment. Some would say these old leades care not, I proposition that they cannot help because of their own economic uncertainty.[trb] "If 6,000 people were dying every single day from HIV/AIDS in North America and Europe, would the G8 not have long time ago found the resources and fixed the problem?"[3].

AFRICIAN NATIONS IN NEED MEET G8.The heads of state at the summit met leaders from Algeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania to discuss development aid. [1]these nations are the poorest of the poor. Often we give a blind eye to Africe because of our Eurocentric view of life.[trb]

COMMODITY PRICES CONTINUE TO RISE.Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, said: "The African countries expressed their fears that many of the Millennium Development Goals will be more difficult to reach if commodity prices keep rising like they are at the moment."[1] How can we with American policies stop the rise in commondity prices. We cannot without address the entires package of global warming, monopolistice oil price gouging , increasing research in alternative fuels and sanctioning countries that subsidize labor to invade our markets.[trb]

THE IMPACT OF RISING OIL COSTS AND THE DOUBLING OF COMMODITY PRICES. The three-day summit also discussed the impact of food prices, which have nearly doubled in three years, setting off riots in parts of the developing world. These areas are also hardest by record oil prices.[1] Resource rioting will politically destabilize the poor nations.[trb] "In London, where I'm from, the price of pasta goes up 40 [pence] - it's annoying. But when the price of food goes up 40 percent, and you're living on a dollar a day, it's life threatening," said Buston.[3] U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, also joining the summit, said Monday the effects of global warming are already harming Africa's agriculture. Aid groups say the drive by large corporations to produce agriculturally derived biofuels in Africa are further squeezing the continent's food supply, while pushing up prices. [3] Joseph Ssuma, a farmer and activist from Uganda, says the biofuel industry is "easily one of the most threatening interruptions of African production."[3]

G8 ASKED TO DOUBLE ITS AID.Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, who attended the start of the summit, backed the African leaders and called on the G8 to live up to its Millennium Development Goals to double aid for Africa by 2010.[1] It was initially promised in 2005, at a summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, to double aid to Africa to $25bn a year by 2010 as part of a wider drive to alleviate global poverty.[1]

THREE CRISES CONVERGING.Ban said: "The world faces three simultaneous crises - a food crisis, a climate crisis and a development crisis," Ban told reporters. "The three crises are deeply interconnected and need to be addressed as such."[1] "Food and fuel, sustenance and energy, malnutrition and health, it does not get more basic than that,"[3]

AID DELIVERY SCANDALOUS.Jesse Griffiths, a policy adviser at ActionAid, told Al Jazeera that the manner in which the G8 delivers aid is "scandalous".[1] He said: "Much G8 aid is tied to the goods and services of G8 countries." "If G8 leaders and their countries were to untie all their aid, there would be a cost saving of over $6bn."UN and African Union figures indicate that less than a quarter of the pledged amount has been forthcoming.[1] A report issued last month by the Africa Progress Panel, which was set up to monitor the implementation of the Gleneagles commitments, said that under current spending plans, the G8 will fall 40 billion dollars short of its target.[4]

WORLD WIDE 105 MILLION MORE TO JOINT THE POOR.A preliminary World Bank study released last week estimated that up to 105 million more people could drop below the poverty line due to rising food prices, including 30 million in Africa.[1]
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