Thursday, October 8, 2009


Terry Bankert
I attended a Genesee County Democratic Executive Committee meeting this evening and was quite enlightened to hear the report of the County Party Education Caucus. The following excerpts are from the report of C.Frederick, Chair of MEA Caucus- Region 10, contact her directly if you have questions,

The report stated in part.

“On September 23 the Flint Board of Education voted to become the policyholder of our insurance without bargaining. We have no specifics on a replacement insurance for MESSA; many of our members have very serious health challenges. Teachers have made sacrifices over the years to retain MESSA. David Davenport was the only member who voted in support of teachers. Communicate with the board members and let them know how unfair their action was.” She attached contact information for the board on the back of her report which I will post below.

She Continued, “United Teachers of Flint will be taking the FBE to court with Unfair labor Practice charge; The Flint Board of education has terminated the contract as of October 20,2009.

We need to encourage union friendly citizens to run for the Flint Board of education. Three seats will expire this academic year. A recall of five board members is being considered.

SO AS SUGGESTED BY C.FREDRICK use the following contact information and let the Board of education know how unfair you thought their action was.

Vera Perry

Antoinette Lockett

Jennifer Dillard

Harold Woodson

Jerome Threlkeld

Stephanie Robb Martin

Fred Bashir

David Davenport

Betty Ramsdell

Mea Caucus Chair C.Frederick

I will post to the following, feel free to add your comments.

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