Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two Peas in a Pod

The Flint Journal and Jamie Curtis, two peas in a pod.

It is opportunistic and irresponsible for you two gadflys to interject yourselves into the middle of Flint Labor negotiations.

Newcommers to Flint, people considering a move of business or residence see what they think is a major newspaper and powerful county spokesperson advocating the City of Flint Declare Bankruptcy.

Thanks for the assist.

We want our Mayor to negotiate tough with two tough unions that are full capable of defending their contract and members.

As layoffs affect service deliver the council has a right to be advised and also to be given status privatley on labor negotiations, not you two.

We do not need the public emotionally ladden and analytically deficient cries for city bankruptcy from these two seekers and union busters.

One seeking to re establish relevance and market share and the other seeking political points and a fleeting sense of importance.

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