Sunday, March 28, 2010

What is next for downtown Flint!

We all should thank the efforts of Mott Foundation, Uptown Reinvestment, DDA,GFAC, Regional Chamber of Commerce, City Councils, and Mayors.

We are at a good place for downtown Flint. Its fun, lively and a good place to be.

There is plently of parking and it is safe. We are at an earliy rung of Flints assent to being a college town.

I live near downtown,my expanding office is downtown. My wife and I invested significant capital in an effort last year with others. So with some first hand authority I can they have done well to bring Downtown Flint forward.

But where do we go from here? Possibly the dynamic that brought us this far cannot drive the rest of the journey.

What are the little business and activities that breath life into a downtown. Its the free market system that will finish the work downtown driven by the small independant business person and individual decision to move there.

How ironic I would make this argument.

What do Flinites want? What do college students want? Heck if I know. My grandfather could not tell me what I wanted. I shall not try to tell them.

I do observe that cheap rent with parking access and few governmental barriers may just work. So to the economic powers to be ,do not over price downtown.

Cheap rent code compliant sites for business and residental may be all that you can organize for the future. Let the Free market work out the details. HA! I said it again :)

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