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Police Respond 1.5.hours after a Road Blocking Personl Injury Accident.

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5/27/10 at the Corner of Robert T. Longway Blvd and Franklin Ave, Flint MI, USA.

Thumnails of event 44 photos 11 video, copyrite waived (courtesy Terry Bankert), please use.

At 3:15 a young man going West ran a red light and T-Boned a white truck. The white truck flipped and spun, AIR BAG DID NOT DEPLOY!

The driver went to the hospital. I arrived at 3:30 as the ambulance was leaving with the driver of the white truck.

Flint Police arrived at 4:30. Mott Community College arrived earlier, I had called.

The car was blocking the East lane of Robert T. Longway creating a back up and a dangerous situation as the East and West lane were driving head on.

The untold stoy is the level of informal citizen assistance that was at the scene. Good Job Flint Citizens. This energy needs to harnessed and utilized.

A Flint Board of Education truck stopped and assisted the driver of the white truck, a crime watch leader stopped his car and maintained radio contact with the Flint police, dozens of driver stopped expressing real concern for the driver of the white truck.

A citizen indicated that there were two "man with a gun calls" and several accident calls ahead of this call to Robert T and Franklin.

There was discussion by the crime watch guy that 911 ADMITTED they had mischaracterized the event, personal injury with road blocked.

Yes there were more important call for our limited police resources but this shows our loss of service in Flint when it takes over an hour to get police on the scene of a personal injury accident that is blocking a busy intersection.

One of the clips shows a senior citizens blaming the lack of response on the Mayor of Flint.

True or false, fair or unfair this is now Flint Mayor Dayne Wallings new reality! The Citizens of Flint are looking to blame someone for our lack of police protection and poor public saftey service. That appears to be you Mr.Mayor.

Thank You to the first responders formal and informal and the young man who stayed on the scene until police arrived to admit his guilt.

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