Sunday, September 23, 2012

Good Morning Flint!- WE DID NOT MAKE THAT MOVIE! But we should try to understand the reaction.

We did not make that movie!
We did not make that movie. An individual made that movie.  We are not an enemy of any religion or you.
What do we do now. Say we are sorry and try to understand what the reaction is all about? 
 Should we should recognize the world has a diversity of opinions, beliefs and religions.
What should we do after we bury our dead?
I think we have to understand the deep roots in a society much different from ours of the Prophet Muhammad.
I think we should say we are sorry for the act of an individual that has insulted a significant portion of the worlds population and a civilization thousands of years older that ours.

Facebook Friend Greg Gibbs said "I'm for recognizing the world has a diversity of opinions beliefs and religions, allowing each individual to do the same, opposing laws that would force others to agree with an opinion or belief they don't hold, and enforcing laws punishing those who harm others because of their opinions, beliefs and religions.

Facebook friend Steven Shelton said "  Part of what has come from this is an opportunity for Americans to learn about the culture of the United States, and for people in Asia and the Middle East to get an education about the Western concept of free speech. The Obama administration has taken a few steps toward doing that by running commercials in those countries explaining that the U.S. did not make the movie and does not have the ability to stifle it: Of course, I doubt that many people on either side will actually take advantage of the opportunity this presents, but . . . ."
I am sorry others were offended.  Now what? What do you think?

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