Tuesday, August 19, 2008


LEE GONZALES DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION BLOG **********************************************
The Democratic nomination of Barack Obama as the next President of the United States is just afew days away!

To have the chance to represent local Democrats at the Democratic National Convention is exhilarating and humbling. Highly thought-provoking is another way of describing what I'm feeling in preparation to do my best as a convention delegate.

We are witnessing an unprecedented transformation of American politics, along with a realignment of the electorate in the quest for the Presidency. The results of Nov. 4 will be a defining moment for our nation.

Through this BLOG I plan to provide daily updates on a delegate's role and other convention happenings. I recognize the value of this opportunity to dialogue and work with Democrats from all walks of life. We all view the world though many lenses and individual experiences. In my case, I'm a son, husband, father, grandfather, proud of my family, university graduate, a prideful American & patriot, proud of my ethnic heritage and an elected state representative.

Because of these motivations, I am very passionate about serving our community and moving it forward. Historian David McCullough eloquently observes in the following passage about our nation’s history, "The American experiment was from its start an unfulfilled promise. There was much work to be done. There were glaring flaws to correct, unfinished business to attend to. Improvements and necessary adjustments to devise in order to keep pace with the onrush of growth and change and expanding opportunities."

From my perspective, this is why the 2008 Democratic National Convention is so vitally important because it is an essential component of the course of human events in our great nation. So please stay tuned and share your thoughts.

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