Friday, July 30, 2010

Deb Cherry Stoops to a new campaign low! I'm voting for Lee Gonzales

As you know, I am a supporter of Lee Gonzales for Genesee County Treasurer.

Lee is a decent guy and I am very upset at how Deb Cherry is unfairly attacking Lee and his famiy. What dirt politics.

I was at a Gonzales campaing Team meeting where the following was testified to with personal knowledge showing where Deb Che...rry has attacked Lee Gonzales at the last minute in the following ways;

1. Deb Cherry has a whisper campaign that Lee Gonzales has not been on the job. The reality is the opposite. Lee has done so much more than Deb Cherry and its a matter of public record. For instance, Lee has worked on many important issues while a State Representative including the Flint-Swedish BIO Gas project, Advanced battery technology law , no texting while driving , and the smoke-free air law. Lee has saved lives.

2, Deb Cherry campaigners have been lying to voters that have a Gonzales sign in their yard by deliberatley misleading these voters as to Lee's positions. This is a scurrilous campaign practice.

3, That on several verifiable instances, the Deb Cherry team has taken down Lee Gonzales yard signs and replacing them with Cherry yard signs without the permission of the property owner.

4. Look in your mail box today and you will find an intentionally misleading Cherry campaign card infering that Lee Gonzales is too closely aligned with the land bank when in fact her campaign kick off was at the land bank. What a hypocrite.

5. In this same piece, Cherry says untruthfully that Gonzales did not vote for "Hire Michgian First," when in fact, he did. How many lies can she put in one flyer? Apparently with Cherry, there is no limit.

Deb Cherry has spent no time talking about her qualifications for this office because they are so limited. Legislative Oversight does not equal hands on experience. Lee Gonzales worked in the treasurers office. Deb Cherry has never had a real job, she is a career politician. She has spent her time attacking Lee Gonzales rather than telling us her plan for the future. She has no plan, but Lee Gonzales does.

It's time for an end to this kind of politics.

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