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I have historically been in opposition to incumbent recall because I think elections are important and recalls make them less so. On the other hand recalls are an electoral , citizen driven, “check and balance” on elected officials to stay in touch with the needs of the electorate, You and me.

Its tough to get elected and stay elected anywhere, Flint is the gold standard for survival political toughness.

Winning a general election is a significant event in a our community, getting signatures to cause a recall event is less significant. A small well funded organized group can get the signatures needed. A small well funded organized group can win an election. This recall concept if we simply rename it a “Vote of Confidence or non confidence in an administration” has a democratic underpinning possibly we should embrace. Turning in the signatures then is the first step in, caused by citizens, causing a public vote of confidence or no confidence in the Flint Mayor Dayne Walling Administration. How could this be more democratic?

The Administration has a right to challenge the process , after all it could throw out a duly elected mayor. I guess this is the difference. Flints Public Vote of Confidence has a real immediate effect. Flint Mayor Dayne Walling could lose his job if his policies are repudiated by a public vote of “No Confidence”.

The debate after the petitions are certified is not about Davenport and the cabal of activists and contributors that caused citizens to sign these petitions. Its not about the words that David Davenport chose to place on a petition. The debate must be centered on the Flint Mayor Dyane Wallings Administration. The question we must ask is do we have confidence in the Administration of Flint Mayor Dayne Walling? If we lack confidence would firing him by recall be in our interest with the next regular election so close?

Those of us who will choose to be involved in this public debate should discuss the appointment, polices and actions of the Walling Administration. This will be a responsible civic act on our parts.

What will be irresponsible if for citizens to sit back and for this community to miss this important opportunity to hold power accountable, and voice our policy preferences. Flint politics would make a great survival show, election day will be a tribal meeting that may vote out a mayor.

I plan on being involved in this debate! How about you?

Terry Bankert

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