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Date: 12/28/06

Where is our money!
The Flint City Council has ripped us off!


"I have come to the conclusion that this is no longer America's war in Iraq, but the Iraqi civil war where America is fighting." - MAJ. WILLIAM VOORHIES, who is training Iraqi security forces.


(TV-5) -- Four former Flint City Council members may be heading to court to turn over salaries they earned after the state took over the city's finances.
The council members awarded themselves back pay in 2004 after the Emergency Financial Manager cut that out of the budget. Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox has given the four until December 27th to pay back the money.
Only one of the members has repaided the money. The remaining council memebers are disputing the amount they owe.
According to the Flint Journal, only one councilman has returned the money. The others still owe between 16 and 17 thousand dollars each.

FLINT (WJRT) - (12/18/06)--The city of Flint says it is ready to collect more than $80,000 from several current and previous City Council members.
Nearly two years after an Ingham County judge ordered members of council to repay money they awarded themselves, Monday night the city of Flint said at least five council members have not paid up.
Late Monday afternoon, the mayor's office released five letters from the Michigan Attorney General's Office that were sent to those council members, telling them they have until Wednesday to pay back the money.
According to the letters, current Councilman Scott Kincaid owes more than $17,800. Carolyn Sims owes just over $16,800.
Former Councilman Johnnie Coleman owes over $17,500. Former Councilman Ed Taylor owed nearly $18,000. And former Councilman Mark Horrigan owes just over $16,600.
The mayor's office says that it will go after the money if it is not paid by the Wednesday deadline.
This all stems from a resolution passed by the council in 2004 to reinstate more than a quarter of a million dollars in back pay just one day after the state take over of the city ended.
Council's salaries had been cut by former Emergency Financial Manager Ed Kurtz.
The council claimed Kurtz had no authority to do it, but after several court hearings a judge ruled the money had to be paid back.
Now the city says it is going to uphold the current and former council members to the ruling.
We spoke to all five of the current and former council members by phone Monday afternoon. Coleman says he has not received a letter.
Sims and Horrigan declined to comment. Taylor says he knows nothing about the judgment. Kincaid says he received a letter and plans on sending in a check for the full amount by Wednesday.

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Ok Explain then why he would blow so much off the Budget on Hiring Officers that can't do anything? WOuldn't it have made more sense to open the Jail rather than hire more officers that cannot arrest criminals? WOuldn't it have made more sense to Open the Jail rather than Pay City WOrkers to sit at home and do nothing? Or Pay a Journal Carrier 140.000 to deliver papers to City Hall? Or pay Sgts not to drive their police Vehicles? It just seems to me (And I'm no rocket scientist) That Actually having a place to put criminals. Instead of having a policy of Catch and release. WOuld make more sense. If you cannot arrest criminals? How many officers does it take to reduce crime? 100? 1000? 2000? I'm sorry. But it's commonsense to me. That without having the city jail open. The number of Officers we had in 2003 was more than what was needed to fight and reduce crime in Flint. THat's a Fact! Not my opinion! It was done. He has hired 30 officers in three years and crime continues to rise. There are so many reasons why crime is going up. "Not enough officers" isn't one of them.
Ted Jankowski talking about the mayor of Flint.

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