Friday, March 27, 2009

Flint School Closing 3/27/09

3/27/09 By Terry Bankert ,
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Flint School closing, a process.

Pictures and video of several meeting , show and interviews on Flint School Closing. The most recent 3/27/09.
Thumb Nail Photos/videos

Flint is rebuilding itself by institutions, private sector and the action of the Flint Board of Education and the City of Flint. Recent Flint Journal coverage of Flint School closing.

TV 12
TV5 Proposed Flint school closings

• 2009-10: Central High School and Anderson, Civic Park, Garfield, Merrill and Stewart elementaries. The Classical Academy will move from Central to Southwestern Academy.
• 2010-11: Coolidge and Wilkins elementaries

Posted Here by Terry Bankert 3/27/09
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