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Thank You Ted and Ryan ,members of Flint Internet movement, for stepping out to seek public office in the register of Deeds race.

A responsible FLINT CITIZEN is active in the affairs of their community. When will you seek public office?

A Rose by any other name is still Register of Deeds congratulations. Woodrow will be a most excellent State Legislator. Rod you started too much stuff and they put you out. Art ditto and the kept you out. Eric they saw you coming and kept the new man in....

Michael J...whodothunk...

Ted..what happened......Hammel, leadership quietly thrives...

And to my friend Lee Gonzales, you’re the best. Oh ..yeah..honors and tributes most humbly given to the Great Kildees.

When I went to vote, the workers asked where was my wife, little did they care for my comments. Out side, Turner and I reacquainted, Alex and I sparred, and I noted Walling left his wife in the hot sun, no shade and no water as he just stood bye...mine would never suffered that.

It was a pleasure to see and talk with Dayne and Dale, stay involved, you both are part of the new emerging leadership.


This week I happened to be for some time in the County Court House in a back hallway out side the Prosecutors office. This hallway has benches for 20 people and leads into a referee hearing room and waiting area seating 60.

On the days when child protective proceeding and juvenile matters are heard by 2 referee the hall way and waiting area are crammed with parents, social workers and often young people. There could be 80 people crammed in this area.

Some will be standing some sitting on the floor as all the seats are taken. Bags, coats sweaters will be dropped on the floor. In ongoing child protective matters often parents homes are inspected. Lack of proper hygiene, filth of the home and insect infestation could be a reason that a parent does not have a child returned to them.

Insect infestation would include a home infested with roaches those nasty little bugs. Bugs that get on our children and our food spreading who knows what. That back hall way and referee waiting area on the southeren end of the genesee County Court House is infested with roaches... a CITIZEN SITTING IN THE INFESTED AREA POINTED OUT THE 20 OR SO BUGS THAT COULD BEE SEEN ON THE FLOOR.

He inquired of 2 county employees and found out that the County knows that the south end of the Court House on the main floor is infested with roaches . This must also include the prosecutors office. What is being done about this and why has the public not been told.

Here is what is unbelievable. The state takes your children from you because you have an unfit home. A good thing. You go to meetings every 90 days to report on your progress in cleaning up your home.

The very place that you go , court ordered to go, is infested with roaches who ride home with you on your clothing . They reinfect your home, the cps worker violated you and you have to return to that hallway,,,,,

Call a county commissioner, congratulate them on their primary victory, then ask what is being done about the roaches in the court house. [trb]

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