Sunday, January 11, 2009

Williamson recall will not cause change

My prediction is that Mayor Donald Williamson will not be re-recalled. Flint residents are in an economic depression. Flint residents are fearful of our plight and want a conservative running the city. We want tough and will accept the gruff. In an era of uncertainly the current Mayor is a "known" . It’s hard to like all about him but most like something about him. In a recall he will survive. The issues raised in the recall appear to have been present before the last election, at least in a general sense the voters have already spoken. Elections must mean something the re call should not have happened. I am not defending the Mayor, he is equally responsible with the City Council for the turmoil in this city. This is just my prediction and expression of frustration. In Flint we have bigger fish to fry. The real loss to us Flintoids is that we do not have a critical mass of formal (elected)and informal( community, union , church, education etc) Flint leaders working for our economic survival.
Terry Bankert

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