Saturday, February 7, 2009

Who will call the meeting? You?

By Terry Bankert


My effort to seek the Gubernatorial appointment to fill the vacancy on the 7th District Probate Court seat recently vacated is going well. Donna Proffer has said she supports me. Thank You.

All applicants must formally apply. Some of us were continued last time because we have gone through the process the previous year.

My ultimate objective is to be a sitting judge so I will go through this vetting process again.

Unless there is a grass roots ground swell the cards are stacked against me. I do not know the governor. She may know me if she reads my blogs, one would hope she is too busy. The people I know who have access to the governor probably will be swayed by advocates of one candidate and the candidate herself. This candidate is well equipped for the job and political histories are important in a political appointment.

Good Luck Barb.

At some point I will run against an incumbent. I’ll just draw straws.

GENESEE COUNTY PROBATE SEMINAR. As luck would have it I attended this local seminar sponsored by The Genesee County Bar association and its most competent Director Ramona Sain. I took only a couple photos, Shala threatened me with bodily injury if I videoed her again. Thumb nail Slide show Yes I am taking a camera class, the blurry will end. Remedial English is contemplated. Its humbling to be humble.

WOULD SOMEBODY CALL THE MEETING. The time is right for a non office holder or institutional group to call a meeting of a cross section, open invitation, of people institutions and business committed to building a future for Flint. If a status group will come together to fund it and call the meeting , I’ll run it. I am up to it are you?

WFLT 1420 AM RADIO 9:00 TO 9:30 AM Terry Bankert radio show “ Know the Law.” Todays issues are spousal support and community issues. This is a call in show. 239-5733 [810]. Believe or not I lecture recent court of appeals decisions focusing on one topic. This one is spousal support. The purpose is to break down barriers through information. If you know your rights you then are better equipped to protect your rights and to navigate through the emotional waters of a domestic proceeding. See: article 2/6/09

My article in the CPSA Courier is on mediation. I am a court certified domestic mediator. Try mediation for privacy and dignity in a domestic proceeding. Call 235-1970. see:

MICHIGAN PUBLIC RADIO. I was interviewed Friday. Following is a video of a radio interview? Thumbnails SlideShow

FRIDAYS WILD RUMOR. Buchanan was fired?

FLINT TALK RADIO. I am not going to produce another segment for 2 weeks. I will switch to a 30 min format with a guest and we will explore a Flint issue. The value to guests is the hot link that can be used. If you want to be a guest on this segment or one of my 60 second pod casts call me at 235-1970. Rules, we will talk about one researched issue you must declare your position ahead of time I will argue the opposite. I dare you. 235-1970. Would net work media hire me please, or do I really just have delusions of grander?

TODAYS AGENDA-BANKERT 9 Am WFLT call in Radio 239-5733 Call in. Saturday, February 7, Genesee County Democratic Party Winter Convention. Registration begins at 9:15 AM, convention begins at 10:00 AM, at UAW Local 651, 3518 Longway Blvd (between Center and Averill), Flint. Purpose is to elect delegates to the State Party Convention and consider resolutions. By Party rules, delegates to the County Convention are precinct delegates and elected Democratic officials and Party nominees at the last general election. I will be there at 9:45 check in talk to a few people then move on.

Saturday, February 7, A CONFERENCE TO PROMOTE RACIAL HEALING THROUGH URBAN SUBURBAN MINISTRY, Reverend Smith Facilitator. Theme Biblical reconciliation: The Real Problem is sin not skin. 10: 00 am lectures and workshop. LOCATION, Peace Presbyterian Church, 1521 N. Elms Road, Flint, 810-230-9544 FREE

Thursday, February 12, Genesee County Democratic Party Meetings, Executive Committee 6:00 PM, General Membership 7:15 PM. At UAW Region 1C, 1940 W. Atherton Road.

Friday, February 20, Democratic Club 225 Lunch, Kathryn Hunter-Williams will speak about Flint's role in the Underground Railroad as we celebrate Black History Month. Noon at Walli's, 1341 S. Center Road, Burton. FREE to members of Club 225 in good standing, guests $15. Please RSVP by Wednesday, February 18 to Donna Proffer at 694-2653.

Saturday, February 21, Michigan Democratic Party Winter Convention. At Cobo Hall, Detroit. Details to be announced.

MUST READING FOR PUBLIC POLICY JUNKIES. BLOGGING FOR MICHIGAN for the best economic alalysis and other stuff.


My opinion tomorrow.

If you see Jennifer or John today a plug for me would be appreciated. I AM ASKING FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND HELP.

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