Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Defending the Family Law Attorney

GOOD MORNING FLINT! 4/15/09 By Terry Bankert

I rise to defend the Flint/Genesee County Family Law attorney.

Family Law is a specialty practice. Family Law if done well is the highest level of service a lawyer can give to her or his community.

From the United States Supreme Court Justices to the District Court magistrates the best of the best are the Family Law attorneys.

We protect Children.

Today a class of attorneys and the judges that rise from their ranks actively assault the professionalism of these servants of Children and Families in Genesee County. From the Inns to the Chambers these servants of children are demeaned, disparaged, and held in contemptuous disrespect.

This is simply a notice that subsequent assaults will not go civilly and professionally unanswered.

Posted Here by Terry Bankert 4/15/09
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