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Flint Divorce Comments on Sandr Bullock Jessie James pending divorce

Jessie James Sandra Bullock divorce and adoption.

Our lives are a bumpy road with happiness being fleeting. Why do we do what we do on a give day. Sandra Bullock and Jessie James spent several years qualifying for adoption of a baby, out of site of the press. I bet they gave out a Yahoo when they were approved.

The baby adopted in January is African American. Bullock then wins award for nurturing another African American child in a movie. She found her base, Jessie James found several of his.

But the aftermath and their conduct Class in discretion of her part and class of responsibility acceptance on his part show them both to be greater than the events of scandal we all following with shallow motive.

I view them both as larger now. We can all take lesson on their role model of how to conduct oneself in a divorce. Children and privacy first.


US Oscar- winning actor Sandra Bullock has filed for divorce to end her five-year marriage to Jesse James, she told People magazine in remarks published on its website yesterday.[1]

In Michigan the requirements of a divorce petition include.

Required provisions for divorce judgments.

All divorce judgments.

A determination of each party’s rights in insurance on the life of the other party.

A release of dower rights.

A determination of each party’s rights in pension, annuity, or retirement benefits; contributions to a pension, annuity, or retirement plan; and contingent rights in unvested benefits.

The parties’ rights in property.

A provision granting, reserving, or denying spousal support.

If spousal support is no modifiable, a provision to that effect.

Divorces with minor children—additional required provisions.

A prohibition against moving the children’s residence outside Michigan or, in the case of a joint custody arrangement, a relocation agreement or mandated language prohibiting moving the children’s residence more than 100 miles away.

A requirement that the custodial parent promptly notify the Friend of the Court in writing of any change of the children’s address.

A statement by the court declaring the children’s inherent rights and establishing the rights and duties as to the children’s custody, support, and parenting time.


The Oscar-winning actress said in an interview published on People magazine's website that she had filed for divorce from Jesse James: "I'm sad and I am scared," she said[2]


Sandra Bullock admitted yesterday that she and her now-estranged husband adopted a baby boy three months before she found out he was cheating on her.[2] The Child is 3½-month-old Louis Bardo Bullock, and she now planned to raise him as a single mother.[1]

The surprise, reported by People magazine, is the existence of an adoption in process. Bullock and James, 41, had planned to adopt Louis, a 3-month-old African-American baby from New Orleans. Bullock now plans to complete the adoption as a single parent, according to People.[3]


Bullock and James took baby Louis Bardo Bullock home in January. [2]


James, a custom motorcycle manufacturer and reality TV star, said last month that he took full responsibility for his actions, although he did not comment on allegations of an affair with a California tattoo model.[1]


Of her relationship with James's three children, Bullock said: "I don't want to know what life is like without those kids." [2]


Looking ahead to life without James, Bullock said, "I really don't know how our paths will intersect in the future, but the father I have known Jesse to be with all the kids is one that I hope Louis can experience one day, no matter how Jesse and I go on with our lives." [2]


No protective order has been filed and the division of property, according to the petition, will focus on community ownership. Bullock, who holds property in several states and is perhaps Hollywood's most bankable female star, also owns several Austin businesses, including Bess Bistro on Pecan and Walton's Fancy and Staple. [3]

In Michigan In general, property and debts accumulated through the direct or indirect efforts of the parties during the marriage are marital. Neither party is inherently entitled to a greater share of the marital assets or responsible for a greater share of the marital debts. Separate property should be awarded to the owner spouse. These presumptions may be rebutted.

Mandatory Judgment Provisions

Property division must be discussed in the judgment of divorce in a separate paragraph prefaced by an appropriate heading. MCR 3.211(A). The judgment must address these property interests:

Property division. A division of the real and personal property brought to and acquired during the marriage as well as the parties’ debts. MCL 552.19, .23, .101, .103, .401; MCR 3.211(B)(3); Yeo v Yeo, 214 Mich App 598, 543 NW2d 62 (1995).

Insurance. A statement confirming that the divorce judgment terminates each spouse’s interest as a beneficiary in life insurance on the other spouse’s life or providing otherwise. MCL 552.101(2)–(3); MCR 3.211(B)(1).

Dower. A statement that the divorce judgment satisfies the wife’s dower claims in the husband’s property. MCL 552.101(1); MCR 3.211(B)(1).

Pension, annuity, and retirement benefits. A determination of the rights of both spouses in pension, annuity, or retirement benefits. MCL 552.101(4); MCR 3.211(B)(2).

A consent judgment of divorce provision releasing each party’s rights to the life insurance proceeds of the other party waives a party’s right to a late former spouse’s life insurance proceeds. Sweebe v Sweebe, 474 Mich 151, 712 NW2d 708 (2006); MacInnes v MacInnes, 260 Mich App 280, 677 NW2d 889 (2004).

A divorce or an annulment revokes a will provision naming the former spouse as a beneficiary unless the will specifically provides otherwise. MCL 700.2806–.2809.


The petition says she has lived in Texas for at least the previous six months and has been a resident of Travis County for at least 90 days. During much of that time, Bullock remained behind the walls of her Hollywood Hills residence, dodging a battery of paparazzi.[3]


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