Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What elese can you not manage Mr. Mayor?

BY Terry Bankert

Give me a break.

There is very little that affects our life more, after the well being of our family, than our jobs.

There is very little that affects moral more than the threat of impending job loss.

In Flints troubled time we want a dedicated high moral public safety team.

You Mr. Mayor and who ever is running HR casually send out wrong layoff notices , twice this month.


How can that happen.

If you cannot administer something as basic as proper layoff notices
what else can you not manage.

Your mistake, your human relations directors mistake to threatened the livelyhood of these city employees is unacceptable.

We are on the verge of not trusting you.

You should not hide behind a communications director when there is bad news.

You are still my mayor and have my support, so far.

Your reputation of being the best and the brightest is on the verge of
melting down along with Flint's finances

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