Thursday, January 17, 2008


BY Terry Bankert

First posted to Flint Talk (Thank You Steve Meyers)


"Public corruption, bribery and forgery are always serious charges, but they are even more heinous when they risk putting Michigan citizens in danger," said Cox. "My office is committed to cracking down on public corruption." [mc]

FLINT -- For a handful of Genesee County politicians, landing on free parking at Bishop Airport is about to get easier than doing the same thing in a game of Monopoly.[fj01162008]

This is just the beginning. The Genesee County Palace Court is on the make.[trb]

The county Board of Commissioners is being offered free parking passes from the airport if they don't have them already, getting them into a special employee parking area that's close to the terminal building.[fj01162008]

A political payoff,bribe,something of value,political corruption, name one they all apply.[trb]

Commissioners appoint some members of the Bishop AIRPORT Authority, which oversees the facility, and sometimes attend ribbon-cutting and other ceremonies here.[fj01162008]

The new regime at the County thinks they are owed something from every public agency. The Fox’s are guarding the hen house.[trb]

But they have no direct responsibility for the operation, and two members said Wednesday they won't accept the perk while one commissioner acknowledged he already takes advantage of the free parking when he travels -- even on personal vacations.[fj01162008]

Good job Fonger.[trb]

Commissioner John Northrup, D-Flint, said he's been treated to free parking for years and has no plan to give up the perk. Northrup said the arrangement amounts to nothing more than a courtesy.[fj01162008]

This is classic Northrup.[trb]

But two commissioners -- Jamie Curtis, D-Burton, and Archie Bailey, D-Flushing -- said Wednesday they won't accept the free parking.[fj01162008]

Curtis is my commissioner, thank you. Archie you continue to lead, thank you.[trb]

"I don't have a problem with paying" myself, said Curtis. "I'll use Bishop AIRPORT (but) I'll pay for my own parking."[fj01162008]

This is the right answer.[trb] Bailey said the nine members of the county commission "should park where the public must find a parking spot, then wait for the shuttle to the terminal, and then be required to pay -- just like Joe and Mary Citizen.[fj01162008]

Why does this new regime at the County think that they are better than the taxpayer.[trb] "The airport service is excellent and should be appreciated even by county commissioners. I won't be taking advantage of the free pass," Bailey said in an e-mail.[fj01162008]

My guess is that if he , Bailey, was still at the helm he would have stopped this attempt at manipulating the County by playing to the greed of select commissioners.[trb]

Commissioners Raynetta Speed, D-Flint; Ted Henry, D-Clayton Twp., and Rose Bogardus, D-Clayton Twp., said they don't see a problem with the free parking. But Bogardus said she would not use the free parking when traveling or visiting on business.[fj01162008]

This must be the reward the new regime is giving themselves for putting in Stanley. Did you just note Rose talking out of both sides of her mouth.[trb]

Speed called the passes "just one of the perks of being a county commissioner."[fj01162008]

Fonger, did you catch that? Just what are these other perks? Go gettum Fonger![trb]

The Journal could not reach other commissioners for comment Wednesday.[fj01162008]

Why did you not interview Stanley? Are you protecting your future county executive from this horrible taint committed on his watch?[trb]

County Board Coordinator Dan Harrell sent commissioners a memorandum about the parking Tuesday, reminding them that the airport has a "long-standing practice" of offering free parking to Flint and county officials.[fj01162008]

Harrell is the Picasso of political patronage. The commissioner brought back the “A” team to get their perks.[trb]

After returning to work for the county from retirement in 2007, Harrell said he found out commissioners no longer had parking passes and made arrangements with airport officials to get them.[fj01162008]

What else did he find that the previous good government commissioner leadership had taken from the imperial commissioners?[trb]

Harrell said one commissioner also mentioned getting the free parking passes, but he no longer remembers which commissioner it was.[fj01162008]

Give me an S, give me a T,give me a an A, give...well you see where I AM GOING...[trb]

Rice said the practice of giving free parking has gone on for many years -- sometimes by giving out passes and sometimes by leaving the names of Flint and county officials with parking clerks.[fj01162008]

Rice said this..I think he administers local state and FEDERAL, funds and he is handing out political patronage,my,my,my.[trb]

"It's always been a policy of mine to allow it... . They haven't (abused) it," Rice said.[fj01162008]

The giver of graft is now the judge of abuse or again a Fox is guarding the hen house.Mr. Rice you are a great asset to this community, this is nonsense.[trb]

The Journal could not reach Flint City Council President Carolyn Sims for comment Wednesday.[fj01162008] Here I do not think you tried hard enough Mr. Fonger.[trb]

Rice said he wasn't sure whether Flint City Council members or Mayor Donald Williamson use the free-parking offer or have parking passes.[fj01162008]

I do not believe this statement.[trb]

The Airport Authority is appointed by the mayor, with approval of council, as well as the county commissioners.[fj01162008]

Again thank you for allowing this scandal to surface, Mr. Fonger,Dearing,and the entire MDEAD crew. Please take this to the next level.Document the perks. Remember these are the same wizards that are continuing the investigation of Loving and their other cronies, see previous comment about the Fox’s.[trb]

Here might be a photo op for our attorney general. Make he might make the following statement on this issue?[trb]

“A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty. “[mc]

I would like to thank all of the investigators and agents who cooperated in order to crack this case," concluded Cox. [mc]

Archie where are you when we need ya?[trb]

Posted here by Terry Bankert

—Where did this stuff come from?-- [mc] Mike Cox attorney General of Michigan,1607,7-164--178290--,00.html [fj01162008] Bishop Airport offers free parking to county commissioners Posted by Ron Fonger The Flint Journal January 16, 2008 17:25PM [trb] Terry Bankert posted to Flint Talk facebook My space Flint Citizen craigs list Could someone please post this to Flint Town Talk, the MDEAD crew has banned by IP address, a problem soon to be solved.


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