Friday, December 23, 2011


I feel it important to raise a voice for change. I am not proud of my Flint City or its elected officals who have allowed it to slip into recievership twice in my life time. We now have a financial manager whoses employees now include the Flint Mayor and Council.

 Their boss gave them their income back as long as they play by his rules. It is his rules that count now in this recievership. The Emergency Manager works for the Republican Governor. The Governors job is to protect the State of Michigan from the liability of a financialy defunct city and to serve the people in it.

 Let there be no doubt that our non partisan city government in a community of democrats is now run by a republican. Thank you Mayor and City Council.The change I propose is to get the community involved in charting the course of this city after the republican governor is done running it.

 When this governor is done with us I predict our police department will be contracted to the sheriff and our assets will be sold off.

 When the the issue of county executive is raised by the Republican Governors friends the Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce [ an organization inept at job creation but successful at power and resource grabbing] Flint tokenized leaders will read their lines and say Flint has no choice but to join in.

 I suggest change in the form a electing a charter revision commission and letting the community participate in this debate to chose its own future.

 We are done with downtown over the neighborhoods and elected officals that cannot protect our city.

 A petition drive is needed to get on the ballot a question allowing the Flint Citizens to decide if they want the election of a charter revision commission. This commission could recommend charter change to the citizens, none, a little like returning the city council terms back to two years and not paying them to major changes [revision] reducing the council from 9 to 5 , eliminating the mayor and bring city managers and professionalism back to Flint. Several of us will go to the community to earn your support.

 I will meet with groups formal and informal on this topic. Your help is request, by me, here. Your thoughts?

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