Monday, October 13, 2008

No Fault Divorce

What is a no-fault divorce?

In Genesee County Flint Mi USA -A no-fault divorce is one in which neither spouse (husband or wife) blames the other in court documents for the breakdown of the marriage.

You should consult an attorney / lawyer for your divorce. To find an attorney contact dumpmyspouse , or attorneybankert ( Terry Bankert). Just google these names.

Your Flint Attorney will tell you no accusations or need to prove "guilt" or cause of the breakdown are required in a Flint Divorce.

Your Flint Lawyer will tell you A common basis for a no-fault divorce is "irreconcilable differences" or "irretrievable marriage breakdown."In a simple divorce or a contested one ,As those terms imply, the marriage is considered to be over, but the court and the legal documents do not try to assign blame.

You may have a legal separation or an informal one.Your Flint Divorce Attorney will advise: Another common basis for no-fault divorce is the parties living separately for a certain period of time, such as for six months or a year, with the intent that the separation be permanent.

Fault can be used to decide who gets what property.

By Terry Bankert

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