Friday, July 3, 2009

Mark Farner

Good Morning Flint!

Mark Farner , Flint Rock Patroit in his ' I'm Getting Closer to my Home" return concert to his home town Flint MI invites YOU to be there 7 pm at Atwood Stadium.

Ticket available at ticketmaster middle of next week.

There will be bands all day, with food, adult refreshment and plenty of retail opportunities ,ladies.

Also Lynn Sorneson will have a booth celebrating the Peace sign.

This year is the 40 year anniversary. Atwood Stadium and "Back to the Bricks" , 150,00 people expected over mid week through Saturday is a truley Revival event for Flint Michigan, come home and celebrate.

Downtown Flint will be the place to be in Michigan 8/15/09. Park your cars, expierence "Back to the Bricks" then walk over to Atwood Stadium, its 3 block away.

Atwood opens at 10 A.M. see:

Vendor opportunities are available by calling Flint Revival Inc.President Lynn M Sorenson 24/7 at 810-730-6981.

Mike Abraham at "Mike,s Triple Grill" , and Lynn Sorenson of the Law Office of Terry Bankert and Flint Revival Inc are the producers of this event. Thank You.

Posted here by Terry Bankert

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