Saturday, November 1, 2008

Michigan Court of Appeals...Kelly

11/01/08 By Terry Bankert

Last night Halloween I found myself at a friends house in the neighborhood passing out candy. Former Flint resident, now Traverse City, Michael J. Kelly was there.

We knew each other but not socially. I was quite impressed with the discussion of law that followed. He is running for the Court of Appeals in the 4th district.

I would vote for him if I lived there. My New Best Friend The Michigan Court of Appeals candidate Michael J. Kelly. In our discussion I learned Mike Kelly has: Twenty years of experience in courtrooms throughout Michigan.

In over 100 trials he has sought justice for Michigan citizens. More than four dozen appeals in State and Federal Courts.

So some of you say ,What is the Court of Appeals? Created in 1963 under the Michigan State Constitution, the Court of Appeals is an “intermediate” appellate court between the Supreme Court and the Michigan trial courts. Final decisions resulting from a circuit or probate court hearing may be appealed to the Court of Appeals.

Every party has a right to file an appeal to the Michigan Court of Appeals. Several thousand cases are resolved each year by the Court. The political boundaries of the Districts of this Court do not seem to make any sense.How is a District determined for the Court of Appeals? The Court of Appeals is divided into four districts that are determinded by the population of the counties whithin.

The Fourth District is by far the largest, holding 58 of Michigan’s 83 counties. How many judges sit on the Court of Appeals? There currently are 28 judges on the Court of Appeals. Hearings are held before a panel of three Court of Appeals’ judges and at least two of the three judges must agree on the ruling. The panels are frequently rotated so that a variety of judicial opinions are considered.

The decision of the panel is final except for those cases that the Supreme Court reviews. Where are the Court of Appeals hearings held? The Court sits in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Marquette.

Do Candidates run on a partisan basis? No. The Court of Appeals, like all judicial races, is non-partisan.

I strongly suggest that if you can to vote for Michael J. Kelly for the Court of Appeals?

Why you ask?

Because he has the necessary experience, work ethic and temperament for the Court.

For twenty years, Michael J. Kelly has represented people in courtrooms throughout Michigan. In over 100 trials he has sought justice for Michigan citizens.

Having worked for two decades in the courtrooms from where the appeals arise, Michael J. Kelly not only has the requisite knowledge of Michigan law, procedure and the rules of evidence essential for the court, but the practical experience of knowing what actually takes place in a trial.

This, combined with an extensive appellate background that includes over four dozen appeals in the Michigan Court of Appeals, Supreme Court and Federal Courts, makes Michael J. Kelly the right choice for the Court of Appeals.

IMPORTANT Remember to turn your ballot to the judicial races.

If you vote a “straight ticket” alone, you have not voted for judges. Posted here at not cost nor direction by Terry Bankert

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