Saturday, October 25, 2008

Interview with Judge Hathaway

Flint Divorce Attorneys will tell you the most important vote you cast In Flint on November 4 , after your vote for Obama, is to defeat Cliff Taylor and put Judge Diane Hathaway on the Michigan Supreme Court.

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Flint Divorce Lawyers who fight for child custody , grandparents rights, and child support want a new vision on the supreme court.

Flint Attorney Terry Bankert will tell you Taylor has ruled against your middle-class families and in favor of big insurance companies and corporate special interests over 80% of the time. See the Michigan Lawyers Weekly.

Flint Famly Law Lawyers are appaled that Cliff Taylor continues to rule in favor of the big insurance companies and big money corporate special interests that have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund his political ads. [Source, National Institute on Money in State Politics]

In these times you are lucky in Flint Michigan to make minimum wage and yet Taylor at a salary of $165,000 a year is one of the highest paid judges in the nation.

He was has been called the worst judge on the Supreme Court, some say he works only part time, and in a case involving a fire that killed six children Taylor fell asleep several times during the hearing.

In addition, two of Taylor’s fellow Supreme Court Justices have called for an investigation of Taylor for misconduct and abuse of power.

Michigan deserves better! Judge Diane Marie Hathaway is running against Clifford Taylor in the November 4th election.

I interviewed her on 10/25/08 on my radio show "Know the Law "WFLT 1420 AM every Saturday at 9 AM.

In the interview I learned: Judge Hathaway has proven she is fair, tough and impartial.

As a prosecutor Diane Hathaway took on drug dealers and put hardened criminals in jail to keep our communities safe. She’s prosecuted drunk drivers, sex predators and scam artists who prey on our families.

As a Judge she’s been fair and impartial, always putting the law above special interests and those who would endanger our families.

Her opponent Cliff Taylor
Ruled for special interests over 80% of the time Changed the law to protect drunk drivers Changed the law to protect sexual predators
Upheld Michigan's "drug industry immunity"
Accused by fellow Justices of ethical violations

Judge Diane Marie Hathaway
Fair and impartial Ruled to hold drunk drivers accountable
Ruled to hold sexual predators accountable
Believes drug makers should be accountable
Record of high ethical standards

To help Hathaway to the Supreme Court Remember: Your ‘straight party’ vote is not enough. You have to do more! Make sure you "vote all the way" down to the non-partisan part of the ballot where judicial elections are located!

She also asked everybody to- Vote all the way – Vote Hathaway!

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