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Labor hurricaine in Detroit

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A Detroit worker at The Riverside Hotel in Detroit across from Cobo Hall did not know that she was in the eye of the intra union hurricane.

This dispute between the sub organizations in "Unite Here!" She possibly thinks her Union would be focused on protecting her rights.

The Union of Needle trades, Industrial and Textile Employees ( UNITE led by Bruce Rayner, they have the money) merged with the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union ( HERE led by John Wilhem, they have the people) in 2004.

She does not care about this. Miss Tucker just wanted her paycheck. Can you afford to miss yours. She does not care about the rift. She does knot know issues are complicated by power, money , ego and disorganizing strategies.

She just wants to be paid. She even got an NSF check which after being deposited caused her check to bounce. Now she has bank fees. Miss Tucker just wants to be paid.

A Mr Lemond out of Local 24 asked " Why are our Union Dues paying for both sides (to fight) which are pitting member against member." The Unite faction is fighting the Here faction with SEIU waiting in the wings to take them over.

Miss Tucker does not know about this ,she just wants to be paid.

Unite has the money $5 Billion in assets while Here has the membership 250, 000 members.
This group in 2005 withdrew from the AFL-CIO.

Mabey they should return. The faction with the members is trying to take the money and run the union. Mabey merger was a bad idea.

Miss Tucker does not care she just wants to be paid.

Several hotel workers in Detroit have been fired, Miss Tucker was fired. Now she really needs the money she earned.

Last Saturday the Labor Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party rose to help their Sister by filling the lobby of The Detroit Riverside Hotel. This was exclusively covered by Blogging For Michigan.

Pictures of Democrats that staged a Protest at the Detroit Riverside Hotel

Thumb Nail

Slide show

Andy Stern with the approval of his board in a letter declared an intent to merge the unions in to SEIU.

SEIU is poised to enter Hotel Organizing.

The UNITE HERE! Convention scheduled for June in Chicago is predicted to dissolve into an out and out civil war.

But ,Miss Tucker just wants to be paid the money she earned.

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