Friday, February 4, 2011

Mayor Walling and Tim Herman announce 1,000 new jobs, pledge more to come.

It was good to see our Mayor to Stand with the Chamber President on Kettering Property near the old Chevy in the Hole area. He announced we have a net increase of 1,000 jobs. Great. The Chamber announced they have a lot of projects in the mix and they are working hard. Great. Many of us have experienced government officials throwing % increase or decrease statistics at us. Be real. We know there are fewer people. We know there is under reporting. The real number is net increase in real jobs. My point in this exercise in hobby community journalism is to show that you to can find and share important information with your community. I am constantly experimenting with procedure, failing often, and moving too fast, typos, sorry for the quality but then I am just documenting, just raw material. Look at raw footage and unstaged pictures and video and draw your own conclusions and share them. Please us my stuff  but with attribution.


When people either have left the labor force entirely or stopped searching for work, as said Brian Hannon, an economist who studies local unemployment statistics at the U.S. Bureau of Statistics. Then a 4% decrease in unemployment is just number manipulation. The good news is the 1 % increase in employment . 1,000 individuals their family members another 2,000 and those others whose business or individuals who get a job because of the others employment possibly another 3,000 say thank you.[trb]

See community video from today hear it from Mayor Walling and Tim Herman

A question from a face book friend “when the number of jobs shrink, but the unemployment rate declines, that's hardly as sign of a "turn around.”

#1 Mayor announces the Flint Economy is turning around based on a report of the US Dept of Labor, Flint Metropolitan Area. Unemployment has dropped to 11.8%

#2 Walling and Herman announce their efforts have brought 1,000 new jobs to the area.

#3 Walling says Swedish Bio Gas, a great success

#4 Tim Herman talks about chamber Programs

My photos with videos at the end.

A Facebook Friend said:

Re: The Flint area December BLS report that's receiving so much attention ...

1) Local work force declined from 198,285 in '09 to 190,747

2) The number of area residents with jobs rose from 166,571 to 168,183

3) The number of Jobs in Genesee County declined from 135,200 to 133,700

4) Consequently, any rise in employment was Outside the ...County


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