Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vote for the candidate that the long term politicans do not support! How can you go wrong!

When the political leadership endorses in a primary against two long term term limited candidates who do you support ?

In todays environment why should we vote for the politicals endorsed by long term politicians Like those suppporting Deb Cherry, to include the following;
UAW Region 1-C
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 332
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 948
UAW Local 659
UAW Local 598
UAW Local 651
UAW Local 599
CWA Local 4103
County Commissioner Jamie Curtis
County Commissioner Patrick Gleason
County Commissioner Pat Lockwood
County Commissioner Omar Sims
County Commissioner John Northrup
County Commissioner Archie Bailey
County Commissioner Brenda Clack
County Commissioner Ted Henry
Former County Commissioner Fred Shaltz
University of Michigan Regent Olivia P. Maynard
Drain Commissioner Jeff Wright
Register of Deeds Rose Bogardus
Former Genesee County Prosecutor Arthur Busch
Mott Community College Board of Trustees Chair Lenore Croudy
Mott Community College Trustee Sally Shaheen Joseph
Former State Representative Nate Jonker
Burton City Councilwoman Ellen Ellenburg
Burton City Councilman Vaughn Smith
Burton City Councilman Danny Wells
Davison Township Supervisor Kurt Soper
Flint Township Supervisor Karyn Miller
Flint Township Trustee George Menoutes
City of Flint Council President Delrico Loyd
City of Flint Councilman Scott Kincaid
City of Flint Councilwoman Jackie Foster Poplar
City of Flint Councilman Bryant Nolden
City of Flint Councilman Dale Weighill
City of Flint Councilman Joshua Freeman
City of Grand Blanc Councilwoman Susan Soderstrom
Mt. Morris Twp. Supervisor Larry Green
Mt. Morris Twp. Trustee Jean Armstrong
Mt. Morris Twp. Trustee Jolena Sanders
Mt. Morris Twp. Clerk Brenda Ashley
Dennis O’Keefe 1st Vice President – retired. J. P. Morgan Chase
Rudy Armstrong
Shirley Gage
Dan Harrell
Randy Hennessey
Olof Karlstrom
John Matonich
Patrick McCarty
Laurie Moncrief
Valaria Conerly Moon
Lucy Morrissey
Joe Serra
Kendall Williams
Bruce Trevithick
Katherine Blake.

Or should you the voter follow you head your heart and the grass roots regular community people supporting Lee Gonzales the most expierenced candidate who entered this race knowing he was fighting the political establishment. Here is what Lee said.

Six years ago Lee Gonzales, having never run for political office, decided to take on Flint’s political establishment. Highlighting his skills, experience and innovative methods of dealing with real life problems he overcame his “underdog” status and was elected to represent the citizens of the 49th House of Representatives’ district.
Now, after three terms in the Legislature, Lee wants to return to the office where he once served in an instrumental role, determined to focus on one of the Flint area’s most critical issues: The restoration of property values in Genesee County!

Lee is, by far, the most prepared candidate to take on the serious issues facing the Genesee County Treasurer’s office in the 21st Century. In declaring his candidacy for Treasurer he stressed his experience as Assistant Treasurer to Dan Kildee from 1997 to 2004 when he was influential in setting up a process to deal with government foreclosures that evolved into the Genesee County Land Bank in (2001).

“In those days, no one could foresee the Land Bank owning more than 5,000 properties,” Gonzales noted. “With today’s need to restore all property values, it’s imperative that we, not only, stem the growth of foreclosed properties but dramatically shrink the number under the Land Bank’s control,” he continued.

Recognizing the impact of these foreclosed properties on the value of homes and businesses throughout the community, Gonzales is uniquely prepared to work with owners to prevent additional foreclosures, while working with the real estate community to put current County held properties in private hands.

However, like six years ago, the “political establishment” is supporting another candidate. All we ask is that you review the Gonzales plans on this site, and compare them to the other candidates. With that, we’re confident you’ll agree that returning Lee to the Treasurer’s office is in Genesee County’s best interest.

Lee Gonzales Committee

I support Lee Gonzales for all the right reasons. Your voice needs to be heard not just the above elites.

We need a change in American politics. You cannot go wrong if you vote for candidates the political elites oppose.

Its a time for a change.

I hear rumors the Genesee County Democratic Party will make primary endorsements tonight. What a mistake.

Terry Bankert

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