Sunday, January 22, 2012

MAYOR WALLING TALKS ABOUT "OCCUPY FLINT" AND 01/27/2012 U OF M Flint Kiva 6-9 pm U R Invited.

FLINT MAYOR TALKS ABOUT “OCCUPY FLINT”. From Washington D.C interview of Flint Mayor Dayne Walling 01/19/2012. Mayor walling was attending the  80th Mayoral Conference in Washington D.C.

Q1: What do you think of the Occupy Movement as a whole?
A1: BY FLINT MAYOR WALLING. We have a small occupy group in Flint. This group has brought a lot to our community honestly.They have bee involved actively in community service and demonstrations.

We have an open relationship. There is a general policy forum coming up in our community where we will talk about issues important to the occupy movement. I expect we will talk about local, state, national  and international issues. I will participate in the dialogue.

Q2: What do you think about the actions of other mayors in cities like Oakland, New York for instance.
A2: I have not paid attention to what those cities  are doing. In some of the big cities in Michigan like Lansing for instance the Mayor has taken the same stance as I have. Finding ways to give people the way to express their right to free speech. We work together in a way that it does not cause an undue  burden on city resources.  In Flint we have strapped resources. We can do it in a proactive way.

Q3: As to the Goals of OWS has it changed the national dialogue.
A3: Yes . Dependently brought  issue of income equality to the forefront.You have a lot of people talking about unemployment. In Flint many of our members are former veterans  They bring up their issues of  people fighting abroad for us that need help at home.

Q4. What is the reason for the Washington Conference?
A4: Get people on both sides of the aisle to talk about issues.

Q5:What issues
A5: To nite was a social event after a day of activities.We talked about general issues to include transportation.

Q6; Is this an effective trip?
A6: I have definitely had the opportunity to talk to people I would not otherwise. No matter the size of the communities we have commonalities.
--end interview-

Public invitation to attend and participate in The City of Flint General Assembly hosted by Occupy Flint.
"U of M KIVA “
"Friday, January 27, 2012 6pm-9pm"
"Let your Voice be heard through direct democracy!"
"Mayor Walling will also be... participating in this event and able to hear your ideas and concerns about your community and cities future."

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