Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kildee Delivers Fire Fighter funding.

Thank You Congressman Kildee.
It is the Congressional office that gets federal grants.
The Council and administration should be appaluded for good things that happen on their watch.
Lets hope that Congressman Kildee can find the funding for 100 additional police officers.
Kudos to all involved in this success to provide adequate fire protection for Flint.
The reality is Flint is unsafe and bankrupt or our city leaders are playing political brinksmanship, which we should not tolerate.
To the elected leaders of the City of Flint we have a hot summer approaching, get the economic house in order , get us more police officers or get out of the way.
Congressman Kildee you have the reputation of a leader. You have proved it once again. Thank You

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