Sunday, April 18, 2010

David Leyton! Our next Michigan Attorney General!

It was an honor to be present on 4/17/2010 when David Leyton received the Nomination Convention endorsement of the Michigan Democratic Party for the Position of Attorney General. Michigan is hungry for leadership.

David Leyton as Michigan Attorney general will give Michigan a new direction. We should all be proud he is from Genesee County.

What a joy to start this campaign season with Michigan Democrats nominating two excellent candidates.

Benson and Leyton will satisfy our need as a party to have that new breed of highly accomplished candidates for our democratic campaigns.
Benson and David Leyton represent the best.

I went to the nominating convention apprehensive that this would be called Michigan Democratic Party Chairperson Mark Brewers folly. In retrospect, Good Job Mark Brewer.

To the candidates count me and thousands of other good democrats as part of your team.

Thumbnail Pictures of 4/17/10 Convention

Slide show pictures of 4/17/10 convention

Michigan will find David Leyton to be an excellent Michigan Attorney General.

Leyton has the experience and presence commanding the respect of the law enforcement community while having the balanced perspective to protect all the rights of Michigan Citizens.

Here are some additional hobby blogger pictures and video of Leyton at the Michigan Democratic Party Nomination Convention.

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