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Say plug me in not fill me up!

I’ll take plug me in over fill me up!
225 miles per charge..California get electric car...

BY Terry Bankert 7/01/08 to 7/7/08
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Discussion of right to bear arms and a weeks review of Good Mornign Flint and was Judge Neithercut Right? trb

**** REFLECTIONS: There will be many more electric car opportunities, this is the future. Is Michigan doing all it can to capture the alternative transportation energy efficient industries? [trb] ****

POSTER CHILD GROWS UP TO FLIGHTY TEMPTRESS Telsa Motors once a poster child for a green manufacturing revolution in New Mexico, will not break ground in the state. [nm] The San Carlos, Calif., electric car start-up, which had agreed to build a $35 million plant on Albuquerque's Westside to build the $60,000 four-door, five-passenger Model S sports sedan, announced Monday that the vehicle would be manufactured in California [nm]

HE CAME BACK... In a surprise move, Tesla Motors will build its electric-car factory in the Bay Area, not New Mexico as previously announced, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said today. [m] Most people know Tesla for its fancy electric sports car ..., which can be glimpsed driving down highway 101 near its discreet headquarters in San Carlos. But with $146 million in the bank, Tesla plans to expand into a more mainstream market with a $60,000 sedan, slated for production in two years. [w]

BAITED WITH BREAD Schwarzenegger, along with State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, said California was able to provide Tesla with incentives, including the waiving of state sales tax on $100 million worth of manufacturing equipment, to entice the company to build its assembly plant here. [m] While New Mexico offered a $7 million incentive package to locate the factory there, California upped the ante by offering sales tax exemption for the purchase of manufacturing equipment, and by providing grants for the training of new employees. [w] Toni Balzano, spokeswoman for New Mexico Economic Development, said none of the once-decisive $7 million infrastructure incentives from the state of New Mexico -- $4.5 million of it approved in the last legislative session -- had been spent. [NM]

HE DID IT RIGHT "We want these cutting edge companies not just to start in California and do their research and development here. We want them to build in California," said Schwarzenegger who toured the Tesla headquarters with Lockyer today before his announcement.[m] Unfortunately, it doesn't appear as though Tesla will actually unveil the sedan itself. [w]

SOON TO PICK A CALIFORNIA SITE The exact site has not been selected, but a decision between two locations should come soon, said Darryl Siry, a Tesla vice president. The company will seek a location not too far from its San Carlos headquarters so that its engineers can travel back and forth. Lockyer said Tesla had looked in Hayward, but has now rejected a location there.[m]

AN INDUSTRY ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR AN ENTERPRISE ZONE If Tesla were to choose to locate in one of California's Enterprise Zones, it could see additional tax breaks, Schwarzenegger said. In the Bay Area, those zones - which are used to stimulate business development in depressed areas of the state - are in San Jose, Oakland, Richmond and Watsonville, among other cities. [m]

WHAT IS THIS CAR ALL ABOUT The proposed car, called the Model S — Tesla needs to spend some marketing money on naming its cars — would be able to travel 225 miles on a single charge, carry five people and cost around $60,000. This would be a considerable improvement over the company’s $100,000 Roadster, which is slowly rolling off assembly lines now. [k] California buyers of the Tesla sedan would receive a grant of up to $5,000, but even at $55,000, the Model S won’t be a mainstream solution for cost-conscious consumers. [k]

NEW MEXICO DID NOT COMPETE UNTIL THE FAT LADY SANG In early 2007, the state of New Mexico said Tesla was going to build a 400-employee factory there, to build Tesla's second model, a four-door, five-passenger electric sports sedan for $60,000. The car company was supposed to break ground by spring of 2007, but that never happened because Tesla ran into engineering delays with its first car, a two-seat, $109,000 roadster. It has since begun delivering those cars. [m]

SCHWARZENEGGER ADMITS INSANITY The notion of Tesla, a California start-up, building cars in New Mexico "drove me absolutely insane," said the governor, who is on the waiting list for a Tesla Roadster. [m]

THE GOVERNOR MADE THE DIFFERENCE "We always wanted to be in California," Siry said, but building a factory here is "prohibitively expensive" and New Mexico was seen as a cheaper, close-enough alternative. "But when the governor and state came back and changed their offer it allowed us to do what we originally wanted to do," he said. [m]

AN AUTHORITY WITH AUTHORITY Last week, the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority, which Lockyer chairs, adopted a program exempting makers of zero-emission cars from paying sales and use taxes on equipment. The state actually will buy the equipment for the assembly plant, and lease it to Tesla, which will then not have to pay sales tax on it once Tesla buys the equipment. That will save Tesla about $8 million on $100 million worth of equipment, Lockyer said. The company also is eligible for at least $1 million in training funds. [m] Tesla's Bay Area factory will open in 2010, said Elon Musk, its chairman and largest investor. The company is seeking "a good compromise" on a location that's close enough to its Peninsula headquarters but located in a place where its workers might be able to afford homes within a reasonable driving distance, Musk said. [m] "It'll be close to the Bay, probably near one of the bridges," Musk said. [m]

WAAAA!!!WAAAA!!!WAAAA!!! In New Mexico, state Economic Development Secretary Fred Mondragon said it was "unfortunate that Tesla backed away from its commitment." [m]

GOOD JOB FRED... TAKE THAT PARTING SHOT He also took a shot at the company, saying the decision was "not surprising given the recent instability of its management." [m]

THE INSERTED ONE CHANGED THE POLICY OF THE OUSTED The decisions to locate its factory in New Mexico and to sell batteries came under company co-founder and former Chief Executive Officer Martin Eberhard. He was ousted from the company late last year, a month after Ze'ev Drori became CEO. [m]

TESLAR HAS A HISTORY OF THINKING IT OVER Tesla has a record of changing its mind. In May 2007, it said it would create a battery business and sell $43 million worth of batteries to Think, a Norwegian electric car maker. That deal was scuttled later in the year. [m]

THE OTHER DUDE WANTED IT AND I’M AGAIN IT.... In a blog post on its decision to build a factory in the Bay Area, Tesla CEO Drori noted he conducted a "thorough review of the program's operational and logistical elements" in January. He then decided that the Bay Area, much closer to Tesla's engineering teams, and California, where many of Tesla owners will reside, was the proper home for its factory.[m] Ultimately, he said, the plant will be located "as close to our headquarters as possible." [nm] Tesla Chairman Elon Musk wrote in an e-mail to the San Francisco Business Times that the factory will be in the San Francisco Bay Area. [nm] "One of the mistakes that Tesla made early on was being too spread out around the world," Musk wrote. [nm]

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Should I eat that tomato?[b]

Terry Bankert 6/30/08
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** REFLECTIONS: Our government is to protect us through regulation bad food delivered to us through inter state commerce, what happened?.[trb]
recorded . 6/28/08 10 a.m. program, listen/watch at you convience
Discussion of right to bear arms and a weeks review of Good Mornign Flint and was Judge Neithercut Right?

TOMATOES, WILL THEY BE THE DEATH OF US? As salmonella cases continue to climb, the government is investigating whether tainted tomatoes really are to blame for the record outbreak -- or if the problem is with another ingredient or a warehouse that is contaminating newly harvested tomatoes.[f] Tomatoes carrying a rare form of salmonella that has sickened more than 800 people may still be on the market, federal officials said yesterday, two weeks after they first warned consumers about the risk. [w]

OUTBREAK, THATS A SCARY WORD "The facts keep changing here. The outbreak is continuing," Dr. David Acheson, food safety chief at the Food and Drug Administration, said Friday. "We need to reexamine all parts of this system and make sure that the consumer message is still solid."[f]

NATIONWIDE 750-800 PEOPLE SICK At least 17 Massachusetts residents have been sickened by salmonella from raw tomatoes - part of a nationwide outbreak that has struck more than 750 people since April. Salmonella, which comes from animal waste and causes flu-like symptoms, is particularly dangerous for people whose immune systems have already been weakened by age or illness. The Globe's Neil Munshi spoke with Ken Lee, director of the Ohio State University Food Safety Center, about the possible causes of the outbreak, and what consumers should know to eat safely.[b]

SALMONELLA Investigators probing the Salmonella saintpaul outbreak that has sickened at least 810 Americans, including 25 in Maryland, are trying to make sure that tomatoes are the cause, an official of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said yesterday.[s]

THE FARMER IN THE DELL, GREW TOMATOES THAT WHEN EATEN SENT US ALL TO... For weeks, the government has focused on tomatoes, and investigators have been visiting farms, warehouses and other stops on the tomato supply chain in search of the source.[s]

EPIDEMIOLOGY? Dr. Patricia Griffin, chief of the CDC's Enteric Diseases Epidemiology branch, said tomatoes remain the likeliest cause, but CDC scientists are also checking salsa, guacamole and produce other than tomatoes.[s]

OTHER PRODUCE? Investigators are considering the possibility that other produce may be spreading the bacteria. "We continue to see a strong association with tomatoes, but we are keeping an open mind about other ingredients," said Patricia Griffin, a top epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [w]

WE ARE MAKING OUR LIST AND CHECKING IT TWICE The government is double-checking because illnesses, which began on April 10, have kept emerging even though it has been weeks since stores and restaurants removed suspect tomatoes. The latest confirmed case of illness was on June 15.[s]

SNOW BIRD ALERT Investigators have focused their attention on Southern Florida and Mexico, the main suppliers of tomatoes to the United States when the outbreak began in mid-April. [w]

MICROBIOLOGISTS Teams including microbiologists and other experts have spent the past week in both places, scouring farms, packing sheds and warehouses for evidence of the outbreak strain. They have collected more than 1,700 samples from fields, irrigation wells and storage containers, Acheson said, but so far none have tested positive. [w]

OF THE USUAL SUSPECT, VILLIAN NUMBER ONE Tomatoes remain the top suspect, and the advice on which ones consumers should avoid has not changed, Acheson said. But the widening outbreak -- with at least 810 people sickened -- means whatever is making people ill could still be on the market.[f] Red roma, red plum, and round red tomatoes are on the contaminated list, but cherry, grape, and vine-on tomatoes are safe.[b] To be extra cautious, cook all tomatoes. But most grocers have been very responsible in only selling tomatoes that aren't implicated in the outbreak, Lee said. Canned goods and salsa - which is pasteurized - are also safe. The government has narrowed its search for the source of the outbreak to farms in Mexico and Florida, so you're safe if you avoid tomatoes from those areas. The problem is that a single box of tomatoes may contain fruit from many farms in different parts of the country or the world. The US Food and Drug administration, which regulates farms, may consider more clearly marking tomatoes with point-of-origin labels in light of this outbreak, Lee said.[b]

JUST DO NOT GO TO A RESTAURANT OR SUPERMARKET Most worrisome, the latest victim became sick June 15 -- long after the outbreak began April 10 and weeks after government warnings removed many tomatoes from supermarkets and restaurants.[f] Tomatoes On My Windowsill by Robin Benzle Tomatoes on my windowsill, Lined up like happy soldiers, From pale green as 1. key lime pie To red as sunburned shoulders. They seem to smile at the sun, While they patiently a-ripen. And when I do my kitchen chores, I smile back, enlightened. One by one I take them down From their nest upon the sill, And add them to a salad or Perhaps a sauce with dill. Then to my garden I return To pluck another load, And tenderly I line them up On that shelf in my abode. No sooner do I get them shelved, Than my garden calls me back. They're ripening all at once, I think, As I stuff them in my sack. So I give them to my neighbors and I give them to my friends. I give them to my enemies, Just to make amends. Soon, I note they're turning red So fast it makes me ill. From off the vine, they drop like flies. My plot looks like road kill. Tomatoes on my windowsill All rotting in a row. I never thought I'd say this but, "Where the hell's the snow?" [t]

SOURCE "The source of contamination has been ongoing at least through early June, and we don't have any evidence that whatever the source is, it's been removed from the market," said Dr. Patricia Griffin of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[f] Q: How did the tomatoes become tainted? A: Tomatoes are warm when they come off the vine, having been heated by the sun, and are cooled once they are picked, causing them to contract. This contraction, Lee said, may effectively suck all the bacteria and dirt on the surface of the tomato inside, through the stem and button areas. Scarred or bruised tomatoes should be avoided, as those are extra access points for the bacteria. Lee said studies have dismissed the idea that the bacteria could have traveled up into the plant through the roots.[b] It's not clear why the outbreak occurred now.[b] Acheson said the investigation has proved especially difficult because of the timing of the outbreak and a common industry practice called repacking. The illnesses began just as the main source of tomatoes shifted from Mexico to Florida. [w] After they are picked, tomatoes are often repacked to meet the customer specifications. In the process, tomatoes from many farms are combined, making it harder to trace a shipment to a particular restaurant, for example, back to where it was grown. [w]

AVOID RED OR BE DEAD? The FDA urges people to avoid raw red plum, red Roma or red round tomatoes unless they were grown in states or countries that the FDA has cleared of suspicion.[f] We have to re-examine the whole thing," David Acheson, a top food safety official with the Food and Drug Administration said. "We are concerned there is something out there still exposing people to this salmonella saintpaul strain." [w]

Posted here by Terry Bankert ...
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