Saturday, December 20, 2008

Helping those in need in Flint

Dale Weighhill of Resource Genesee Was on WFLT with me this morning. He shared information on how we can guide the needy to services in Genesee County.

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Thank You Dale
Running a camera is a hobby that I need instruction on.
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Terry Bankert.

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In Flint helping those in need?

Good Morning Flint!
By Terry Bankert

My objective in using social networking is to build coalitions of knowledge and people, shifting issues to issue, to advocate and impact public policy.

I am a Flintoid born in Flint MI USA the birthplace of the UAW recipient of the benefits of 7 General Motors plants now in various stages of closing. I was Flint City Clerk and later Flint Municipal Ombudsman as my daughter will say way back in the 1990's.

To my Face book, My space,, Goggle blog " Good Morning Flint!",Flint Citizen and Twitter friends Hello.

I have a weekly radio show on 1420 A.M a Gospel station where I present information on Family law, I am a divorce lawyer, often talking about recent court of appeals decisions.

My objective is marketing of course but also to help people and their families in divorce to understand the process to better protect themselves and their families.

It is a call in program.

Today at 9 am Eastern on WFLT 1420 AM 1-810-239-5733 I will talk about social services available to people in Flint devastated by our economic crisis. I plan to make it my mission to spread information to people in need and people who talk to people in crisis so we can all help one another. It’s a call in show you can call from any where on planet earth.

My guest will be Dale Weighill Leader of the Resource Center in Flint. The purpose of the resource center s to make available social service information to help families.

I often ask my audience a question that in my presentation I attempt to answer. Todays question is. Your child or sister or brother lives in Flint Michigan has a first grade child no job no food in the fridge utilities about to be shut off home foreclosed they have an illness and cannot work their spouse just abandoned the home and family and will contribute no finds. The spouse has a good job. What do we do!

The radio may be live on Flint Talk Radio at 9 am.

If you are in Flint please join me for a Coney and a Coke at Tom Z’s Flint Original Coney Island corner of Court and Grand Travers in Flint MI. I will be there at 10 am. On most Saturdays.

Posted Here by Terry Bankert

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