Thursday, June 14, 2012


Flint is organizing its response to the SHOCK of the republican takeover of Flint.
There is hope. Leadership will emerge from this process.
Councilperson Delrico Lloyd and Chris Martin will one day assumed formal leadership status  My prediction.
The groups Purpose at the  Antioch meeting 06/13/12 was to Unite , Educate, and Mobilize. ROCK SOLID IN THEORY THE TEST IS THE APPLICATION.
I pledge my cooperation from my small perch, you should too.
EDUCATE-Gov. Snyder is exploiting the large scale shock or economic crisis by further restricting the funding to cities and crushing and setting aside their democratic leadership with a republican dictatorship governed by his cadre of emergency managers
. Our own Mayor Walling submitted to EM training/indoctrination. Amusing he is now silent.
What is really happening to our City of Flint.
The Govenors actions are about politics and power.
This Govenor could care less about our saftey and the education of our children.
Therefore we must, you must. The Govenor through his puppet managers is imposing a rapid fire transformation of Michigan cities.
What is really going on is an extreme republican makeover of our cities.
It is intentional that the speed, suddenness and scope of these economic and public policy decision making shifts will provoke a psychological reaction in Flint Citizens of numbness to facilitate adjustment.
This painful tactic has been coined the “shock treatment”
This is the republican policy altering method of choice.
[concepts applied from pg 8 "The Shock Doctrine"Klein]
For our own protection the Flint community must get its head right and respond by mantra of UNITE, EDUCATE, AND MOBILIZE.
We can succeed together or fail separately.
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