Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sam Riddle I wish you well.

By Terry Bankert

The end of this story is ‘ Sam Riddle found innocent on all counts in all courts including the court of public opinion.” How will he do this? Heck if I know! But my opinion is that if anyone can pull himself out of this pickle he is in its Sam Riddle.

I know a little bit about politics but I have always viewed Sam as a “better”.

I once ran for city council suffering an agonizing defeat wondering where all my friends went.

Well one did not walk away and that was Sam Riddle. I will not walk away from him. Sam is also not someone to trifle with so as I post on the subject of Sam Riddle I do so in a manner to demonstrate I am still his friend.

So what do you do when people you know are hip deep in it. Tell the world how you feel, offer assistance and wish them well.

Sam Riddle is Flints rough edge cowboy of politics, brilliant, a maverick, tough and his own man.

In Flint , Michigan and National politics he could be found one step in the background dealing with big people, big issues and big media. Heck I don’t know what he was really doing or how he did it.

I just knew he was a Flint Guy making a lot of things happen.

I have asked him for opinion and advice on issues before me and would not hesitate to do so again. I am making no judgment on the events he is embroiled in today. I just know if anyone can extract himself from this its Sam Riddle.

So no matter how this turns out I am grateful to this man who has offered me a helping hand.

His name is Sam Riddle and he is my friend and I wish him well. You should too.

Posted here by
Terry Bankert 12/27/09

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