Saturday, September 29, 2012

Judge Marable does not deserve this.

What are these landlords accomplishing by attacking the judge that hears their cases. Honorable Herman Marable The  Peoples Judge.  


Martin Hilleary I like Judge Marable, I don't like that sign.

Becky Johns Wow. It's like that? Come on, Flint.

Katy Camp He holds landlords accountable. The landlords can't handle the truth.

Susan Woodin Youmans Poverty pimps are not for the good of the city or her people...only profits

Terry Bankert I suggest voting for incumbents Crawford and Marable in 68th. That court was recently called highly efficient by the state. The opponents are inexperienced in district court, recently moved to Flint [carpet baggers] .

Katy Camp Many landlords offer sub-par housing for the low income. They take the tenants money but, refuse to spend any money to repair the home. I this Landlord Association should require all of the landlords to have all of there rental homes up to code so, they can't use a judge as an excuse to put there wants/needs above there tenants rental home code requirements.
Chris Frye What a shame. You know, slumlords, if you just followed the rules you wouldn't have any problems.

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Judge Marable in his campaign headquarters

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Crissy at Red Robin

Crissy at Bikes to the Bricks


Bikes on the Bricks.Flibt 9/15/12

Lynn and Debbie

Perani Ice show

lynn and deb

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Judge Marable in His Campaign Headquarters and several good morning Flint posts

Judge Marable


Good Morning Flint!

We did not make that movie!

So many choices.



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Crissy at the farmers market 09/29/12

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