Thursday, August 28, 2008



Bravissimo! Bravissimo! Bravissimo!

That is Italian for Democrats kick butt. For the third consecutive day the 2008 Democratic National Convention gets more exciting and more uniting!

On Wednesday the convention nominated Barack Obama as our Presidential nominee by acclamation and Joe Biden as our VP nominee.

It really is exciting to participate as a delegate and listen to forward-looking ideas that embrace our nation and provide a blueprint for taking our nation in a new direction. Among the many stars showcased at the convention, four individuals have achieved the alpha star (the brightest star) category. They are Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Senator Joe Biden--and in their speeches a common thread describes a fairly remarkable Democratic Party transformation.

President Bill Clinton's remarks included the need to rebuild the American Dream and restore America as a respected leader in the world community. Clinton was engaging and convincing in his support of the Obama-Biden campaign.

Senator Joe Biden also gave an impressive speech. He observed how Barack Obama is a great American story and that from their upbringings they share a common story. In addition to telling his life story, Sen. Biden covered foreign policy and spoke about pocketbook issues for everyday Americans.

What a historic day! Inspiring! Uniting! Stay tuned for Thursday evening.

LEE 8/28/08
Lee Gonzales is a State Representative 49th District Flint /Genesee Michigan USA, Democrat

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