Friday, February 5, 2010

Who is UpTown Reinvestment?

What is Uptown Reinvestment Corp?
See comment here for who.


A Non profit development organization created by the DDA and the Focus Council during the Stanley Administration to address redevelopment of the downtown district.

It was to be co chaired by the Director of Uptown and by the Focus Council. Inez Brown is the current chair.

Tim Herman is the President. This is not a board run organization.Don't confuse them with the Uptown Investors, private developers that have put some private dollars into the developments.

The Investors, not the nonprofit own other vacant buildings in downtown- the former Metropolis building, Genesee Bank Building, Gauranty title building. Uptown nonprofit owns the former RDA building, Woolworth Building, and Walgreen Drug Store Buildings, some purchased by the Mott Foundation.

It seems to me they have a lot on their plate before they try taking over the parking downtown.

It was the Uptown Investors that badmouthed the DDA and City for not moving ahead on the parking lot.

It was them that had a gentelmens agreement that Rowe and Wade Trim would use the new parking ramp.

Rowe instead took parking in the County ramp at an undercut rate.

It was the Uptown Investors that went to City Council and got a 15 year extension to the Ren Zone.

This reduced the money that the DDA has available to pay its bills.The Uptown Reinvestment Corp does not have the staff to operate the parking downtown. Parking should remain in public hands to control the costs.

Uptown should be working with the DDA to obtain Mott Foundation Funding to pay the parking lot debt until the project and taxes will cover the cost which is projected in a couple of years.

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BY Terry Bankert.
A Flint Divorce Lawyer sharing his opinion.

Flint has ample downtown parking. Don’t you just get tired of internet entities bashing Flint. (smg) ALERT!!!

I responded to some of them with the following.

Our only problem is downtown employees, lawyers and people using court facilities are not parking in the ramp or surface lots.

Enforcement is need there.

With the traffic its safer to park on a surface lot or a ramp.

We have two great surface lots and two large parking ramps one new.

If you park at Genesee Valley you can walk father to get to your store than you will ever have to walk to get to a business or unit of government when you park downtown Flint.

The blame for the ticket error falls squarley on the previous city attorney for the cause.

The responsibility to correct it is clearly the job of the current city attorney , mayor and the Flint City Council. DDA ticket proceeds do not go into the councils pockets, they pay for the parking ramp.

The old tickets should be aggressively enforced.

Its possible, its the job of the city attorney to establish the process.

Where the DDA attorney has his office is irrelevant.

The DDA vehicle that writes tickets is inheretantly dangerous to the occupant.

If there is an accident and the DDA ticket writer is hurt the DDA and the City is a great financial risk.

Instead of auctioning off his car the mayor should give it to the DDA ticket writer to use for that purpose.Lets stop the cheap shots about downtown Flint.

Downtown Flint has come back.

Its the place to be in the evening, many extra activities are near, we have a great college town
and the perfect place for new start up business.
Posted here by
Terry bankert

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