Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Genesee County Treasurer Danile Kildee resignation effective 01/01/2010

By Terry Bankert


At 6:30 pm 11/09/09 at the "501"Dan Kildee made an “exclusive” announcement of his resignation from the Genesee County Treasures position to GOOD MORNING FLINT! Terry Banker `Blogger"

In a conversation in which he encouraged this release Daniel Kildee Genesee County Treasurer announced his resignation from that office effective 01/01/2010.…

Daniel Kildee Will be Missed! He will take a position with a foundation concerned with Urban Development based in Washington D.C..

Kildee’s career shift will not cause him to leave the Flint area entirely. He will will maintain a private office in the local area.

My salute to Daniel Kildee.

Mr. Kildee you have earned your reputation as the best elected official representing Genesee County and the City of Flint contained within it.

You will be missed.

This article was posted 11/09/09 8 pm. on my Facebook, Flint Talk, Blogging for Michigan and Flint Citizen.

Mr. Kildee soon followed by posting to my face book wall “Not official yet. Details coming soon. “

Our discussion had revolved around that his observation that my blogg has the first local media to cover his planned move to Washington. I had written about his plans from another online source.

There have been local media coverage of politicians maneuvering to take his seat.

When he made a statement to me that I should release this on my blogg, I did last night.

There were a couple typos and his response that it was not official was enough for me to rework the article which I took down to do.

The Flint Journal picked up the story from the Blogging for Michigan post and the article can be found on MLIVE.


As as hobby blogger I share my , sometimes researched often not, opinion on events around me from a public policy perspective.

Take it or leave it.

But what are the responsibilities of “hobby blogger” in this alternative form of “social media” information distribution.

Within the confines of my professions whose ethical requirements are 24/7 my standards are higher.

What are the ethics of “hobby blogging”?

But this is not a post about the role of blogging, our how a “hobby blogger ‘ should break important news.

We are losing the leadership of a good friend.

Here is what I know, in A CONVERSATION INITIATED BY Daniel Kildee in the context of my being a Flint Blogger he stated his resignation as Genesee County Treasurer is 01/01/2010
For background on Daniel Kildee see,

Posted here by Terry Bankert


Blogger: Genesee County Treasurer Dan Kildee to resign
By Laura Angus Flint Journal
November 09, 2009, 9:52PMGENESEE COUNTY, Michigan — The Blogging for Michigan Web site posted tonight that Genesee County Treasurer Dan Kildee intends to resign at the end of the year. The post has since been removed.
When reached by the Flint Journal, Kildee said there has been a lot of discussion about his future, and that he hoped to be able to make an announcement about his plans soon. He did not confirm that he will be leaving his post at the end of the year.
"I'm not ready to announce anything yet," he said

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