Monday, November 30, 2009

Skyrocketing Insurance rates Democrats speak out in Flint.

By Terry Bankert
A Flint Divorce Lawyer sharing his opinion!


Genesee Democrats Spoke out today.

DID YOU KNOW,Michigan drivers pay the second-highest annual average premiums in the country, even though Michigan has the safest drivers and highest seat belt use in the nation[3]
How did that happen? Why have we let the insurance industry drive up the cost of driving?


Open your front door, call a State Representative or State Senator, wait for the point where you can leave a message , take a deep breath and scream,( OR JUST TALK LOUD)

You say,"It's time to put teeth back in consumer protections by giving the insurance commissioner the power to stop exorbitant rate increases and (hold) insurance companies accountable."

Then another breath and scream again '"Iam mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore." leave your name and number, ask them to call you. Let us know if they do.

SKYROCKETING AUTO INSURANCE , see the parking lot press conference in Flint MI!


State Representative Woodrow Stanley(D Flint) and Lee Gonzales (D-Flint Township) were joined today ,11/30/09,in Flint Michigan across the street from the Genesee County Court House that was emptied of the public and filled with bomb sniffing dogs during a real bomb scare.

They talked about the proposals in Lansing designed to help you save money and get treated right by the Auto Insurance Industry.

The Democrats' plan includes:

Strengthening the Michigan Insurance Commissioner's role by broadening the office's power to deny excessive rate increases and order refunds for consumers who are charged excessively high rates.

Requiring the Insurance Commissioner's approval before rate increases take effect.

Prohibiting rate increases on good drivers who are not at fault in accidents.

Making it illegal for insurance companies to use subjective factors such as a driver's occupation, education level or credit history to deny coverage or set rates.Prohibiting insurance companies from selling consumers' personal information without their consent.Prohibiting Insurance

Commissioners from going to work for an insurance company within two years of leaving office; andCreating a low-cost insurance pilot program for qualifying low-income residents with good driving records.


Most of the proposals have been discussed by Democrats before but some are in legislation for the first time.The legislation likely would be opposed in the Republican-led Senate if it passes the Democrat-controlled House.[4]


A group of Michigan insurance companies responded today to proposed auto insurance reforms from House Democrats, calling them a political "scheme." [2] You know, the same insurace predators that have been ripping us off. They look like a monopoly, sqwauk like a monopoly and must be regulated like a monopoly or the will take us, hurt like an unregulated wall street recently did.

Michigan's auto insurance industry swiftly rebuffed a 10-bill reform package unveiled by House Democrats this morning that would turn authority for setting rates over to a state official. [3] Battle lines are being drawn, this cabal is the real enemy.

They, Stanley, Gonzales and Cherry, were joined by Michigan Insurance Consumer Advocate Melvin Butch Hollowell and State Senator Deb Cherry (D-Burton) to announce sweeping consumer protections that will force the automobile insurance industry to be more accountable and transparent.

Why because this ruthless industry historically has an unfair pricing structure.

But the Michigan Insurance Coalition called the package a political "flash-in-the-pan."
“This state cannot afford the political solutions to economic issues that the Democrat leadership continues to offer,” said Tom Shields, spokesperson for the Michigan Insurance Coalition. “Every piece of insurance legislation they have proposed over the past year would cost consumers more, create a bonanza for trial lawyers or provide a climate in Michigan that will drive insurance companies and their jobs to other states.” [2]

If enacted an insuance commission will have the final say on rate increases.

STANLEY SAID," Too many Michigan residents are struggling to make ends meet, yet they are forcede to pay some of the highest rates in the nation."

GONZALES SAID, the auto insurance industry is given preferental treatment in Michigan and they continue to fuel power and profites by taking advantage of our concumers.

CHERRY SAID, "Allowing Insurance companies to increase rates without penalty will only continue to hurt Michigan families who need insurance coverage but cannot afford these extortionate rates"

Additional Senator Gleason and Cherry comments are on the ABOVE linked video.


Rate hikes by auto insurers in 15 other states are subject to approval by state officials -- and rates are about 20 percent lower in those states than in Michigan. [3]

"States that have that kind of oversight get better rates for consumers," ...
"If you're deserving of a rate hike, you should at least have to prove it. You don't have to do that (in Michigan) today -- you just file your rates and use them immediately." [3]

Insurance executives say they're not sure Hollowell's numbers add up, although some say they're willing to test the idea. They say the real reason rates are so high in Michigan is it's the only state that has no limits on paying medical bills for injured motorists.[5]

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