Tuesday, February 23, 2010




I attended an hour and a half of the Monday night 02/22/2010, Flint City Council meeting. Thank You Mott Foundation for the 1.5 Million Dollar Foot Patrol and Mini Station from a grant written personally by Mayor Walling and City Administrator Greg Eason.

With over a hundred people in the room it appeared the Flint Board of Education was in the house. The Superintendent Linda Thompson received City of Flint recognition. Why was David Davenport sitting on the opposite side of the chamber?

There was a reason that I cannot recall .

Speaking of recall he is filing recall petitions against the school board and the Mayor of Flint. He has one aimed at him. He has 180 days to collect a significant number of signatures. This takes great organization.

There seems to be a cottage industry in Flint of producing recall petition signatures.

Just who has been paying for these efforts?

Just who are the circulators? Are they part of a crew that activates every spring for a little summer fun money?

I hear the distant drum beat of citizens wanting change in Flint. Hey buddy can you spare a dime and change the charter?

There was even positive talk of that discarded dinosaur of municipal organization the city manager system.

I wonder who is in league with these proponents.

Speaking of leagues the “League of Women Voters “presented their report on “ Review of the Flint City Charter”. Thank You.

We should have a community discussion about change.

I would like to be involved in this discussion. Just to lay it on the table, transparency and all, if there is a charter revision commission election I am running. There I said it. Critics can rest at ease I seem to not have the ability to get myself elected or appointed to anything new but I did have a good run for which I am thankful.

Speaking of appointments .

Appointments presented to Council, I left too early to know if they were approved; Stephen Arellano to the Flint Planning Commission, our master plan discussion will occur here he is a good addition, Heather V.Burnash Flint Historic District Commission, beauty to an aging group, John R. Gazall to the Downtown Development Authority told he is a standup guy, Joel Rash et al to the Downtown Development Authority good representative for Mott Foundation interests along with Thomas S. James.

I wondered if the appointments were decided on the pro or anti Larry Ford position? Just a thought Joel, just a thought!

I have watched Flint City Council strong Mayor interactions since the adoption of the 1974 then new charter of which as a community group leader, East Village Legislature, I spoke to community groups on behalf of its passage.

We have to -day the best combination of City Council leadership, the council itself, City Administrator and Mayor.

They do not have to agree all the times but it was a great pleasure to watch 11 public servants interact with quality dignity and respect for one another.

Our City currently is in good hands.

Speaking of good hands it seem to me that much of the League of Women Voters focus was reform formulated last years by people offended by the previous administration and its perceived cooptation of the Flint Ombudsman’s office.

But we are in Good Times now.

I am talking about the quality of our elected leadership not specific policy outcomes. The people have reformed the city, they have spoken.

We have the best City Charter in Michigan there is not need to change it.

What should be turned back is for City Council terms to be 2 years instead of the 4 years .

The 1974 charter had 2 year terms. Council if you put the Ombudsman’s office on the ballot again put 2 year council terms on the ballot also.

We as voters must hold our elected leaderships toes to the fire to be vigilant in the application and enforcement of our City charter.

Thank You Mayor Walling , City Administrator Eason , Council and its President Delrico Loyd and Vice-president Dale Weighill for your quality and honor you brought to Flint 02/22/10.


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