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9727.1. With all due respect.... by
12/23/06 10:00 ET
Re: How stupid by terrybankert, 12/23/06

Your topic sounds a little Micheal Moore-ish.Why bash the rich people.Most of them have sucessful businesses like yourself.Their the engine of this city not GM.....Merry CHRISTmas

9727.1.1. Point well taken... the post is

just my frustration.
A holiday awarness of the suffering on the east side state streets and mid city Ave A etc..
GM is gone, gravy train jobs for the uneducated and unmotivated are gone.

We have a problem, on occassion I am consumed with our lack of intergovnmental coordination, leadership plans and a lack of true leadership.

I am convinced there is a plan that will work and a leader that understands it, can mobilize the community and can make it work.

So to the Flint Journal it is good our economy can produce millionairs.

And to the millionaires Merry CHRISTmas and a happy prosperous new year.
To the working middle class that has not abandoned Flint hang in there get active we can save our families, occupations and this town.

To those in economic harms way, this is a giving community look around and ask for help, we will be there for you if we can.

Don't wait to follow just lead.

see ya all in the hood

Terry Bankert12/23/06

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"At first, you start to chuckle in the morning when it's 50 degrees, then you start to snicker and then you start to curse." -
RICK WEINSTEIN, marketing director for a Manhattan coat retailer, on the warm weather.

Pessimists Just Get Really Old
"Optimists May Have Longer Lives"--headline, Reuters, Dec. 22


The Flint Journal has a lead article yesterday talking about the Flint Millionaires. Once again the Journal is the dumb young and fulla ___ cheer leader for the business community. Give us hope, those of us staying here while 800 GM Delphi worker just hit the brick, the under 30 crowd has no job prospect, families are starving in mid to north Flint. But yes please make us feel all warm and touchy about all your rich friends.

"I didn't think there were any millionaires in Genesee County," said Don Ostram, 48. "I thought they were all in California."

Possibly this Don will stay here with the other Dons and turn the lights out and bury the bodies. Appearances and all. Merry Christmas

Prosecutors Drop Duke Rape Counts Prosecutors drop rape charges Friday against three Duke lacrosse players, but charges of kidnapping and sexual offense remain in place. (By Peter Whoriskey and Sylvia Adcock, The Washington Post)

Toyota Expects to Be World's No. 1 Automaker Next Year (By Sholnn Freeman and Dale Russakoff, The Washington Post)

Nationals Owners To Dig Even Deeper Lerners Plan to Spend Millions More On Improvements to D.C. Ballpark (By Thomas Boswell, The Washington Post)

Saudi Lawyer Takes On Religious Court System Rights Cases Used To Press for Change (By Faiza Saleh Ambah, The Washington Post)

From Parties to a Purple Heart Va. Soldier, Tested in Combat in Iraq, Shifts Focus to Future, Family (By Donna St. George, The Washington Post)

A Joint Attack on Many Perils of Africa's Young By CELIA W. DUGGER Campaigns were carried out in nine African countries this year to better children's odds of surviving past their fifth birthdays. ..................
Palestinian Truce Shaky, but Violence Ebbs By STEVEN ERLANGER While there were outbursts of violence, Friday's death toll was lower than earlier in the week, politicians spoke of calm and the streets were generally quiet. ..................

In the Third Day of Fighting in Somalia, Worries of a Sharp Escalation by Ethiopian Forces By JEFFREY GETTLEMAN Residents of Baidoa said they saw Ethiopian tanks heading to the front lines, heightening worries that Somalia's internal problems could soon become regional ones.

Schwarzenegger Remakes Himself as Environmentalist

SACRAMENTO -- Arnold Schwarzenegger is not the type of guy you would necessarily associate with tree hugging. When he bought a Hummer in the early 1990s, it kicked off a nationwide craze for the gas-guzzling behemoths. His lighter-fluid-dowsed action flicks and protein-packed chest bespoke more of... (By John Pomfret, The Washington Post)

U.S. Drops Inquiry of Voting Machine Firm
Venezuelan Parent Company, With Possible Ties to Chávez Government, Agrees to Sell (By Zachary A. Goldfarb, The Washington Post)

Goode Has Often Inspired Political Ire

Friends Say Congressman Unlikely to Back Down in Flap Over Muslim Representative (By Michael D. Shear And Tim Craig, The Washington Post)

Proposed Rules for Securing Chemical Plants Released

Companies Would Be Required to Submit to the Government Their Plans for Protecting Themselves (The Washington Post)

From Parties to a Purple Heart

Before she was a soldier in Iraq, Monica Beltran was a party girl in Woodbridge. (By Donna St. George, The Washington Post)

Saudi Lawyer Takes On Religious Court System

Rights Cases Used To Press for Change (By Faiza Saleh Ambah, The Washington Post)

Nuclear Talks With N. Korea End in Failure

Six-Party Process Thrown Into Doubt (By Edward Cody, The Washington Post)

In China, Feeling Snowed Under by Christmas

(By Edward Cody, The Washington Post)

Inconclusive Clashes Roil Somalia for Fourth Day

Combat Called Tentative, Despite Hundreds Killed (By Stephanie McCrummen, The Washington Post)

Five Best
BY GEORGE WEIGEL Essential books for understanding Christianity.12:01 a.m. EST
Weather in West Eases, but Airport Impact Ripples Across Country By SUSAN SAULNY Denver's airport reopened after being closed for 45 hours, but travelers from Seattle to Boston felt the effects. ..................
Flurry of Calls About Draft, and a Day of Denials By ERIC LICHTBLAU A wire service article that noted that the Selective Service was making plans for a "mock" draft exercise created a busy day for the agency's media contact.

Talks End on North Korea's Nuclear Weapons By JOSEPH KAHN The talks ended Friday without tangible progress, and afterward Pyongyang quickly renewed threats to "improve its nuclear deterrent."

World Ends, Etc."

Pandemic Would Hit Poor the Hardest, New Flu Study Says"--headline, Seattle Times, Dec. 22

More people choosing to skip lawyers--a November 27, 2006 Salt Lake Tribune article that discusses a recent survey of the Utah judiciary on self-representation.


(TV-5) -- Hundreds of workers at GM and Delphi are parting ways. On December 22nd, outgoing Delphi workers in Mid-Michigan gathered to wish each other well on their new lives as retirees.

Some employees have created a unique bond with each other. Hugs, handshakes and one last goodbye, is how many Delphi veterans said farewell to each other. For more than three decades they worked side by side - during the good and not so good times.

Yes, they were co-workers but over the years they became much more than that. Some fell in love and got married. Some became the best of friends. But each of them say they're going to miss the people they worked with.

Together for thirty years, they have become a family and while they won't see each other everyday - like family - they will gather on the holidays to talk about those good old days.
Some of those retirees will stay on the job for a few months training incoming workers on their new jobs.


-I went to the Perani Center and watch professional fighting last night. The most interesting thing there was the loud old man next to me that wet his pants. Billed as 7 fights it was 4.TRB

-CHRISTMAS WISH: My CHRISTian family and I would much rather hear "Merry CHRISTmas" than any other phrase.
Talkking back-Davison Township

-Biggie comments
huh? what was informative? it seemed like a stream of consciousness...bunch of links, story lines with no content what was this supposed to be actually?

ANS; A You Tube dailey under construction. Thank You

The State of Michignan requires every individual to make every effort to retreat be fore using force until you are either in your bedroom, or your place of business.

I bring this up because of a recent event that happened at my home. Three obviously drunk individuals were walking past my home one night. They were hollaring profanities and such. (no big deal)

Then, one of them started harrasing a woman warming up her car. calling her "bitch, hoar, ..." He then started yelling "thats my car!! Get out of my car!! I'll kill you bitch" It was obviously not his car as his freinds laughed as they held him back. They kept telling him to "quit playing." He then turned towards me and yelled "you want some?"

This continued for about 3~4 minutes. e said "I know where you live, I'll kill you and your whole family" This is when I pulled the hammer back on my pistol. I never showed it, or even said a word back to him.

I called the police, and ofcourse they arrived late enough to completly miss the whole thing. The problem I have is, I believe him when he threatens my wife and 4 mo. old son. Yet, I have to wait until he breaks into my house, follows me up the stairs, and into my bedroom. I question weather or not I would let him past the front door. Also, there are other concerns. What could I've done if he attacked the woman?

My bedrooms on the second floor; what if he started a fire on the first? My question is, when should I be allowed to use force against a threat to me and my family?



Larry and John,
Did not catch the date of your year end show?
Would suggest Lee Bell, Franklin Green, Janis Mohhammad(sp), Traci Collier Nix, Ombudsman- Brenda Purifoy. Any person sitting on the current Flint School Board, former runner for Board -Elizander Barzart (sp). Sheriff Pickell, Patrick Ryals, Josh Freeman, Officer Dicks Or Super Milton.

Have NO interest in anything- speak out of both sides of his mouth...Chris Martin has to say!

You could have just said you don't want a quickie from Eric Mayes- king of absentee ballots, dead or alive! I do appreciate the man but hold sacred honesty of the peoples vote.

If you want only Mayorial electee questions why ask for a broader forum? I can get you questions...have a fair panel that I enlist questions from. I also have a file of questions asked at former debates.

Need a bit more guidance in text form on what you envision.

Prior to me asking for attendance from those mentioned. Will email you personally, do not care for phone or audio. Peace, RAP Pardon me for remaining as a guest online.


9724. pickell presser by
, 12/22/06 11:34 ET
at 6 p.m. tonight (in time for evening news) to announce the ol sheriff has busted s. claus for double parking outside a flint school..."He likes to hang around children. It won't happen on my watch," the county's top cop will say

Departure of Skip Harbin by
, 12/22/06 23:33 ET Re: Pickell or Milton? by tripleback, 12/22/06
should have been a signal that excellence in deceit and corruption now rule all aspects of Flint governance.

Watching the Exits Washington is full of politicians who want to keep out terrorists and illegal immigrants, but far fewer who want to commit the time and money to a realistic discussion of how to do that.

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Gilman, Adam LAB friend-Turner broadfcasting , jan 2011 tk lab vegas

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