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9727.1. With all due respect.... by
12/23/06 10:00 ET
Re: How stupid by terrybankert, 12/23/06

Your topic sounds a little Micheal Moore-ish.Why bash the rich people.Most of them have sucessful businesses like yourself.Their the engine of this city not GM.....Merry CHRISTmas

9727.1.1. Point well taken... the post is

just my frustration.
A holiday awarness of the suffering on the east side state streets and mid city Ave A etc..
GM is gone, gravy train jobs for the uneducated and unmotivated are gone.

We have a problem, on occassion I am consumed with our lack of intergovnmental coordination, leadership plans and a lack of true leadership.

I am convinced there is a plan that will work and a leader that understands it, can mobilize the community and can make it work.

So to the Flint Journal it is good our economy can produce millionairs.

And to the millionaires Merry CHRISTmas and a happy prosperous new year.
To the working middle class that has not abandoned Flint hang in there get active we can save our families, occupations and this town.

To those in economic harms way, this is a giving community look around and ask for help, we will be there for you if we can.

Don't wait to follow just lead.

see ya all in the hood

Terry Bankert12/23/06

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