Sunday, December 27, 2009

Will Gandmothers House be torn down.

BY Terry Bankert.

Study: demolish entire neighborhoods.


How should public policy be set in Flint?

For generations we have suffered the latest study by obscure but definitely private promoters eagerly promoted by the cheerleader ,local media ,as our salvation.

Caution is urged today.

I cannot honestly say than any variation of local elected officials in Flint or Genesee county is currently or was ever capable of independent ,through ,researched, evaluation and development of realistic public policy that will in turn increase our quality of life and economic life.

Against my better instinct my mind is open to another study on Flint NBH land use as cheered on but unanalyzed in today’s “The Flint Journal.” 12/27/09, page one above the cut on the left.
NOW after we have suffered a year filled with guess work ,radical statements ,insensitive to us that are struggling to live in Flint . Yes some of us live on near deserted streets .

A” NEW” study has been released. College Kids? Working with the downtown business, Mott foundation and land bank interests?

Right ….is this new or is it a timed ,predictable, inclusion into the discussion about tearing down some Flint NBH to clear land for some possibly known but yet undisclosed development?

And in this corner the authors are “ University of Michigan Graduate Students” . With my Flint Uof M -Flint MPA I was one of them once. Good job gang. But, how much of this did you really write?

Why is the report directed to the Land Bank and not my Mayor of Flint nor the Flint City Council.

With County Treasurer Daniel Kildee off the job, he resigned, just who is the Land Bank now? Or is this report really directed to his foundation?

Just whose grandmother trapped in the families home in Flint will be forced to move if the Students plan is adopted as our land use policy.

I guess I am making an assumption that we have a role in this policy adoption process.

We do don’t we?

Back to the open mind thing. We should read the report. The most likely real author Eric Duewekee community partnership manager for the Urban and regional Planning Program at UofM-Flint said “There has to be a kind of game plan for the reuse of vacant land.” I agree.

But who creates the final game plan for our neighborhoods. Elected leadership or privately funded consultants? When this is over it will be both.

We are at the cutting edge of new inner city land use policy, TEAR IT ALL DOWN! Maybe you do have to tidy up the clearance process that the free market is already doing. Just drive around Flint, lots of empty city parcels and abandoned houses.

The Journal says the report was funded by the Genesee Institute. Who runs and funds this operation?

In the article the Journal observes and says essentially those that do not parrot the downtown business (Reinvestment Group), Mott Foundation, Land Bank line should be careful.

Their remarks “…could spark the emotional debate about shrinking the city all over again.” I guess how you characterize this discussion depends on whose home is being torn down and who makes the decision.

Mayor Walling Says “This Administration will not choose winners and losers.” Good Point.

Mayor Walling says “ We will not treat some better than others.’ BETTER POINT.

Some are critical about the approach being promoted by the Journal and advocated by essentially unknown others .

Woodrow Stanley , County Commissioner, says “…a straight scholarly approach that does not include resident in the process shouldn’t go anywhere.”

So the debate continues, just what does Flint do with its vacant land and just who should make the decision.

It seems to me that the Land Bank is central to this decision and the future of Flint.

With the County Treasure running the Land Bank and the Treasures position being vacated it is critical to pick the right person to fill this position.

We must demand a person in that position who is sensitive to the needs of the citizens of Flint.
Three local politicians will fill the treasures position.

I suggest we let them know what kind of vision for Flint we want to see in that position.

Posted here by
Terry Bankert

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