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Flint Family Law,Divorce Attorney Thoughts on the 4th Annual Midwest Family Law Consortium: Family Law in the 21st Century hosted by the Michigan State College of Law June 17-17 2011

Reflections of Flint Divorce Attorney Terry Bankert 810-235-1970.


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FAMILY LAW IN THE 21ST CENTURY, divorce, child support, parenting time, custody and stuff.

I recieved a card promoting this event but placed it on the corner of my desk that I keep for wishful thinking. I had a scheduled hearing in conflict with the June 16-17 date of the event. Located in Lansing on the campus of Michigan State University College of Law I was interested.

Mid week my conflict left and I reached out to go hastely sending in my lonely $100 bucks.

The program talked of a reception and dinner the night before, we made inquiry and were given the location and time. This I attended.

The promo stated “ The first decade of the 21st century has been an exciting time for Family Law Scholars, Teachers and Practitioners.” I believe I was the only current practitioner.( lab rat). The Professors I am sure had extensive practice expierence before assending the Ivry Tower.

Justice Marilyn Kelly was the keynote speaker at lunch on Friday the program day. How could I not go, the holy grail of Michigan Family Law intelligence was speaking. I am moitivated to protect the fatherhood rights of putative fathers. Her presentation was motivating.

But back to the Thursday reception. We dined at Michells Fish Market in a location called East Gate(?). I thought I was in a new commercial development in Atlanta Ga. It sure did not look like Flint to me.( Yest it was Lansing).

What I was at was the preconference reception for the presenters, I think I basically crashed it. I am told I did not. But  I think the are just being polite.

The program facilitators were very gracious and made me feel at home and welcome. I had the time of my life. I was able to engage in a level of conversation that is usually fleeting for me. In the end though they were the scientists and I was the lab rat. Scholarly law professors toying with  a court house practice  family law lawyer from violence & depression ridden Flint MI. I thank everyone for the great time.

The last time I was in the MSU Law Library was when I debated Profesor Bitinski on the use of force and child protective proceeding. I took the side of parents being able to beat disobedience out of the little miscreants. It was sponsored by the Federalist Society. I was in unfriendly territory but had my usual good time.Did I tell you I am from Flint MI the most violent city in America and was a 5th Army Drill Sergeant! Bring it on. After all life is to short not to.

The dinner was great I ordered clam chowder, steak and key lime pie. I prattled on so much, I am a talkative lab rat, that I finished only ½ of the best steak I will have this year. Just where were my priorities.

Interesting discussion on the rights of putative fathers. Combining this with the presentation of Justice Kelly my awarness of this travisty of justice in Family Law was enhanced. The Consortium, a room full of law school professors, went well. The presentations were broken up into panels.


We were welcomed by Melanie B. Jacobs Michigan State University College of Law, Cynthia Lee Starnes Michigan State College of Law, and Dean Joan H. Howarth Michigan State College of Law.


(1)First up was Jamie R Abrahams Hofstra University Law School of Law Presenting “ Distorted and Diminished Tort remedies for birthing mothers."

(2) Mary Patricia Byrn William Michell College of Law “ Why Banning anonymous Gamete (sperm & egg) donation is a bad idea and probably unconstitutional”

(3) Deborah L. Forman Whittier Law School “ Embryo Disposition and Divorce: Why Clinic consent forms are not the answer.”

(4) Maya Manian University of San Francisco School of Law.” Parents, Minors, and Minor Parents: A Family Law Perspective on Adolescents Reproductive Rights.”

The above panel was moderated by Helene S. Shapo Northwestern University School of Law.


(5) Ann Laquer Estin University of Iowa College of Law “ International Issues in Child Welfare Cases”.

(6) Richard F. Storrow “ The City University of New York School of Law.” The Phantom Children of the Republic: Surrogacy, Globialization and the New Illegitimacy.

(7) Shani M. King Universaity of Florida Levin College of Law “ The right to counsel for unaccompanied minors”

This panel was moderated by Leslie J.Harris University of Oregon School of Law.



(9) Cynthia Godsoe Brooklyn Law School “ Parsing Parenthood.”

(10) Jeffrey A. Parnes The John Marshall Law School “ Paternity After Lehr and Michael H.”

(11) Dara E Purvis, University of Illinois College of Law “ Same-Sex intended Parents and the Problem of perspective.”

This panel moderated by Maya Manian, University of San Francisco School of Law.”


(12) Jessica Knouse University of Toledo College of Law “ Civil marraige: threat to democracy”

(13) Mark Strasser Capital University Law School “ Child Welfare and promotion of marraige.”

This Panel moderated by Nina W. Tarr, University of Illinois College of Law”


(14) June Carbone University of Missouri- Kansas City School of Law “ The emergence of Family as a marker of class.”

(15) Barbara Glesner Fines University of Misouri Kansas City School of Law “ How Family Law practice has changed in the past 50 years.”

(16) Leslie J Harris University of Oregon School of Law “ Implications of the fragile families studies for the Law of Family Formation and child support.

(17) Charles Reid University of St. Thomas ( Minnesota) “ Lucifers Children; A story of Free Love, Religion, Politics and Law.

This panel was moderatede by Mary Jean Dolan The John Marshall Law School.

Now you will note there were 17 presenters and five moderators, plus 3 organizers from Michigan State plus Justice Kelly and one practicioner (me) additionally counting the one student who came in mid afternoon this number is 28. The exact number in attendance. As a practitioner I paid $100, a bargain by any measure. ( possibly the only one who gladly paid anything). No papers were distributed.I will not post my full notes because I was not as attentive during all presentations.

Mabey next year I will offer a paper . Titled? “ HEY...Here is what you should really teach us about Family Law in Law School, just what were you thinking!”

JUST FOR THE RECORD I AM AVAILABLE TO GUEST LECTURE. I work for steak. I can drive buying my own gas and return to my own housing if interested the following schools may contact me for this protein compensated service; Michigan State College of Law , Thomas Cooley Law School( Alma Mater) , University of Michigan Law School. Jealous your school is not on my list? Give me a call.......... Just saying. 810-235-1970.



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