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GOOD MORNING FLINT! BY Terry Bankert 5/28/08
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REFLECTIONS. Its time to seal the nomination. Every day Clinton looks less acceptable as vice president, much less as president. Brewer of the MDP should resign and Levins hand slapped. The public wanted an election where votes meant something. That has been violated by Mark Brewer. It cannot be corrected by backroom manipulation. We are beyond that in this new age. We want a President with dignity, character and integrity. We expect the political parties to act in the same manner.... and Savanaugh GA was a great trip, lots to said for Urban Planning.[trb]

MRS. CLINTON JUST DO THE RIGHT THING! With the nomination in sight, Barack Obama is willing to give rival Hillary Rodham Clinton the lion's share of the delegates from Florida and Michigan but is stopping short of her demand to fully recognize the two renegade states.[AP] Compromise may be the order of the day but character and integrity will win the general election, the nation and world is watching.[trb]

SKELETONS FOR CLINTON Mrs. Clinton was accompanied by a skeleton crew of aides and a diminished press corps Wednesday as she continued to tour some of the remotest parts of America. After a tourist stop at Mount Rushmore, she drove nearly three hours across the desolate Badlands to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and made her delectability argument to a somewhat bewildered crowd of about 250 people outside the Little Wound School. [n]Clinton’s proud bow beam of months ago is a fragile fading light heading to the far horizon.

MANNED ONLY BY THE REMENANTS OF THE BLACK PEARL[trb] What's important: 'Integrity'[DN] But at least some rules committee members say potential general-election damage does not trouble them. [DN] In the mix are honorable democrats. Its about character said Gleason to Newman in the Hustler.[trb] "I'm not particularly concerned about that," responds Mary Fuller Clark, a New Hampshire state senator on the committee, and one of her state's many defenders of its first-in-the-nation primary. "What's important for us is to maintain the integrity of the process." [DN] Ultimately, however, the committee's adherence to rules may fall to political necessity. [DN] We will watch. This cross roads of leadership will raise some while others fail.[trb]

HOW EMBARRASSING FOR MICHIGAN, JUST WHO ARE THE MEMBERS OF THESE COMMITTEES The Democratic National Committee is trying to work out a compromise to the long-running dispute over Michigan and Florida. In violation of party rules, the two states held primaries in January and were stripped of their delegates. The DNC's Rules and Bylaws panel meets Saturday.[AP] The voters want accountability and punishment TO THOSE WHO play backroom politics with their vote.We want the head of Brewer and his Florida counterpart for their acts of arrogant disobedience.[trb] Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's prospects of persuading Democratic officials to override party rules and recognize all delegates selected in the Florida and Michigan primaries suffered a setback yesterday after lawyers for the party ruled that no more than half of those delegations could be legally recognized. [w]Mrs Clinton respect the rules and accept defeat with dignity.[trb]

WHEN THE RULES ARE INTENTIONALLY VIOLATED THERE ARE SANCTIONS, ASK A KID! You cannot violate the rules of the process and then expect to get forgiven for it," Dean said.[c] Howard Dean DNC Democratic National Committee The DNC could decide to send half the delegates to the convention, uncertain is which half. Another option is to seat all the delegates with half a vote. Then the issue is how those votes should be split between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.[AP]

30 TROLLS EMERGE TO PLUNDER Thirty Democratic Party officials -- mostly obscure party operatives -- will gather in a Washington hotel conference room this weekend to consider disputed convention delegates from Michigan and Florida, the most closely watched group of people yet to weigh in on the close Democratic presidential campaign. [DN] The voters do not understand the special ownership rights a party has in the nomination process. To them this is an American election. They are unhappy.[trb] The little-known panel meets Saturday to determine, for now at least, the fates of the Michigan and Florida delegations -- and, by extension, the votes of nearly 600,000 Michiganians and 1.75 million Floridians who participated in Democratic primaries in January.[DN] With Saturday's meeting the most significant date remaining on the nominating calendar, it will focus intense attention on a group with few, if any, household names. The 30-member Rules & Bylaws Committee is a mix of attorneys, political operatives, elected officials and union chiefs. [DN] The DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee is scheduled to meet Saturday to make a final determination on Florida and Michigan, which would have collectively awarded 368 convention delegates. But in the memo, party lawyers determined that full restoration, as sought by Clinton, would violate DNC rules, although it did note a loophole that would allow her to carry the challenge to the first day of the Democratic National Convention in late August. [w] The Democratic Party is likely to meet rule-breaking Florida and Michigan halfway when it comes to seating their delegates at the national convention, two members of the rules committee said Wednesday.[c]

WE ARE DISTRACTED WITH THIS MESS, JUST WHEN OBAMA SHOULD BE ON OUR SHOULDERS MARCHING TO VICTORY. JUST WHOSE FAULT IS THIS. Whatever decision is made during a party meeting Saturday delays a resolution of the Democratic contest, just as Obama is within reach of the 2,026 delegates needed to win the nomination.[AP]

WHY ARE THERE NOW DIFFERENT RULES, WHAT BACKROOM EVIL IS A WORK? "Our magic number could increase kind of at the 11th hour here," Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said Wednesday. He told reporters: "If it's raised a little bit based on the Rules Committee, we'll have to go get some more superdelegates. But at some point we're the nominee."[AP] Plouffe said the campaign is not stockpiling superdelegates to roll out en masse, as many political observers have speculated. "We announce superdelegates as they commit to us," he said. But he said mid-next week would be "a natural time" for those who have not picked sides to finally break. [w] Obama is already acting like a general-election candidate. He spent the past three days in New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado -- three states that held Democratic caucuses months ago but that are expected to be swing states in November. [w]

CLINTON THE PISSED OFF SOCCER MOM WANTS IT HER WAY, RULES OR NO RULES. Its all about her, not us![trb] Clinton has been pushing for the Democratic National Committee to seat all 368 delegates from Florida and Michigan. She won both contests — after all the candidates agreed not to campaign in either state and Obama wasn't on the Michigan ballot.[AP] Speaking to reporters on a morning conference call, senior adviser Harold Ickes refused to rule out a legal challenge if the committee does not rule in Clinton's favor. "That's a bridge to cross when we come to that particular stream," he said. [w]

THE VOTERS OF MICHIGAN SHOULD BE ANGRY AT THE DEMOCRATIC LEADERS THAT CAUSED THE DNC RULE VIOLATION. WHO COULD THAT BE? Clinton strategist Harold Ickes is one of the 30 members of the committee, and he said he'll be encouraging them to base their decisions on the January primaries. "We are urging 100 percent of the delegations be seated and that each delegate have a full vote," Ickes said.[AP]

RULES COMMITTEE IS NOT CONCERNED WITH RULES JUST POWER, WHAT A MESSAGE TO OUR KIDS That's an unlikely outcome as even Clinton aides have privately acknowledged they lack the votes on the committee to restore all the delegates. Thirteen of the members are publicly committed to Clinton, eight have endorsed Obama and nine are undeclared.[AP]

ITS NOT FAIR TO SEAT THEM AT ALL "We don't think it's fair to seat them fully because we both lived by these rules and pledged to abide by them," Plouffe said. "We're willing to give some delegates here, which I don't think should be sneezed at."[AP] As a result, Mrs. Clinton would appear to need all the more superdelegates to swing her way if she has any remaining hope for the nomination.[w] To that end, she stepped up her appeal Wednesday to superdelegates, the Democratic officeholders and party officials who could ultimately decide the nomination. In a letter, she argued that she would be a stronger nominee than Mr. Obama against Senator John McCain in the fall.[w]

THE WORLD IS WATCHING, JUST WHAT IS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY ALL ABOUT? "Regardless of what side people are on, Obama or Clinton, they have a larger perspective, and that's the integrity of the Democratic Party," said Mame Reiley, a Virginia political consultant and Clinton supporter who is on the panel. "And I think we're going to approach it that way." [DN] Committee members interviewed by The Associated Press have expressed little interest in the option of seating all the delegates. And the DNC staff wrote in an analysis sent to members this week that the rules call for the two states to lose at least half their delegates at a minimum for voting too early.[AP]

CLINTON PLANS TO CAUSE A RIOT/PROTEST AT THE RULES MEETING David Plouffe, Mr. Obama’s campaign manager, said the Obama camp had advised against rallies, despite calls on the Internet for counterprotests. Mr. Plouffe said the campaign did not want to contribute to a chaotic scene, which, he said, would not serve the interests of party unity.[n] Clinton is staging a rear guard action, for what purpose. Its time to hear the ____ lady sing,[trb]

OBAMA PLEAS FOR DIGNITY The Obama campaign was dismissive of efforts by the Clinton campaign to have supporters demonstrate outside the rules meeting.[c] Clinton supporters, including a group including at least several dozen Michiganders, plan to rally in a park near the hotel.[f] "We're not going to turn this thing into a circus," former Democratic Party Chairman David Wilhelm said[c]

THERE IS NO EASY WAY OUT, AND IF ATTEMPTED THE PARTY WILL LOSE THE RESPECT OF THE WORLD The analysis said there are two options to include half the delegations — either allow half the number of delegates from each state into the convention or allow the full delegations to attend, but give them each half a vote. The analysis cautions that there are no easy ways to distribute the delegates, especially in Michigan where Clinton won 55 percent of the vote and 40 percent went to "uncommitted."[AP]

A VOTE OF 500,000 MICHIGAN DEMOCRATS LOST TO THE TAMMANY LIKE BICKERING OF THE BACK ROOM! If the Florida and Michigan delegations get half their votes back, the number needed to secure the nomination would grow to 2,118. There are myriad ways the committee could then divide the delegates between the two candidates.[AP]

THE VOTERS KNOW THEIR SACRED VOTE IS BEING PLAYED LIKE A CHIT IN TEXAS HOLDUM If, for example, the "uncommitted" vote in Michigan was awarded to Obama but the half-delegates were otherwise awarded according to the primaries, Obama would need an additional 26 delegates to clinch the nomination.[AP]

WHEN EVER THE ELITES MAKE A PROCESS OBSCURE THE LITTLE GUY IS GETTING SCREWED If the pledged delegates are divided evenly between the two candidates, Obama would need an additional nine delegates to clinch. The number still increases because of uncommitted superdelegates from the two states.[AP]

OBAMA PLAYED BY THE RULES CLINTON IS NOT. IT’S A MEASURE OF CHARACTER. Plouffe said seating the full delegations according to the January votes is not fair or acceptable to the campaign, especially since he wouldn't get any delegates out of Michigan. Democrats in the two states are not asking for that resolution either.[AP] Judge Richard Lazzara sided with the DNC, saying political parties have the right to make their own rules.[c]

LIKE BUGS UNDER A ROCK THESE COMMITTEE MEMBERS NEED THE LIGHT OF DAY TO DO THE RIGHT THING Florida Democratic officials said they were open to getting half their vote — but they would like the full delegation to be seated. Allan Katz, who serves on the Rules and Bylaws Committee, said he thinks the committee is leaning toward giving Florida half its delegates, but some members have told him they don't believe Florida shouldn't get any delegates.[AP]

500,000 MICHIGAN VOTERS SEE THEIR VOTES SQUANDERED BY THE MICHIGAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY GENERALLY AND IT'S CHAIRPERSON MARK BREWER SPECIFICALLY. JUSTICE IS DEMANDED "It's just very difficult to categorize. You have a lot of people who look at this differently," said Katz, who supports Obama and can't vote on the Florida measure because he's from the state.[AP]

HAPPY DAYS Jon Ausman, a DNC member who raised the challenge that's before the committee Saturday, said he'd be happy if the committee gave them half votes.[AP]

WEASELS AT WORK "It's just a question of whether we can get them all eventually," Ausman said. "It's not like Florida hasn't felt the punishment. The bottom line is we certainly have taken it on the chin."[AP]

BREWER GOT MICHIGAN INTO THIS MESS ! WHY? TO DELIVER MICHIGAN TO CLINTON BY THE BACK DOOR AND HE GOT CAUGHT BY THE RISE OF OBAMA. NOW HE HAS A SOLUTION? Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer, who is on the Rules and Bylaws Committee, said he won't support a plan that would give half delegates for Florida. He's presenting a plan that would split Michigan's pledged delegates 69 for Clinton and 59 for Obama, although he can't vote on it.[AP]

DEAR MARK, RESIGNATION IS A VIABLE OPTION TO RESTORE THE TRUST OF 500,000 CITIZENS IN THE MDP! He said he didn't know what the rules committee might do and will just make his best case possible.[AP]

BREWER SHOULD STEP ASIDE FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER INSTEAD OF WHINING LIKE A CHILD "You can come up with all of legalistic reasons not to do our proposal ... (but) we've been punished enough," he said. "We haven't had candidate visits for nearly a year, up until recently. Continuing to punish us could cause us to lose Michigan in the fall." [AP]

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