Thursday, February 18, 2010

Communication is Basic.

Flint Divorce Attorney Terry Bankert sharing his opinion.

It appears that between the Mayor and the City Council there's much to be done in terms of relationship building.

Basic to trust is communication. It appears there is poor communication between the Mayors office and the Flint City Council. Mr. Mayor you have a City Administrator, a government relations executive and a communications director.

There is no excuse for the council to not be fully advised of something as critical as layoff notices before the public release.

The Flint City Council is not just 9 people who get in your way.

They each represent 10,000 of us. They are our first line of defense. When you speak to them you speak to all of us. When we are critical of City actions, your actions, we call them first. Keep them informed.

If you thought you were communicating to the Flint City Council when you communicated to Delrico Loyd the Council President evidently that is a poor choice, noting the reaction of Kincaid and Weighill.

I don't agree with these layoffs," council President Delrico Loyd said. Mr. Council President what layoffs do your propose.

"For me to get texted by the council president is really appalling," Councilman Scott Kincaid said .Mr. Kincaid is it appalling that the Mayor may have communicated to the council through the council leadership, the Flint City Council President Delrico Loyd? Many of us would like to know what the administrations intent was.

Is the Mayor ineffective at communication or is the council President and Kincaid blowing smoke?

Mr. Mayor you staff the services that the council funds. Layoffs are your decision. The council will distance themselves from this hard decision. You still owe them advance communication.

If you relied on Delrico Loyd to be that conduit he has failed that objective. I am eager to hear how the council was communicated with.

The issues are too important for stupid little cat fights to politicize and distract our attention. This knowledge will speak volumes about the leadership abilities of Dayne Walling Mayor of Flint and the Flint City President Delrico Loyd.

I think my council person is emerging as the voice of Flint. "We should leave no stone unturned before we lay off police and fire," council Vice President Dale Weighill said. "I don't think the mayor has turned over every stone."
My opinion as to the issue of the day? Mr. Mayor your administration and its longevity will be judged by your commitment to public safety in Flint MI.

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