Saturday, May 30, 2009

Farner,Mark great human being and hero!

There is a food chain that ranks people, actually more than one.

As we stumble through our time on earth building lives and the careers that fund them we are constantly mixed with those lessor and better. I am not being personal, discriminatory or elitist.

We earn our way in this world. My politics argue that everyone gets an equal chance. But its just a chance. A chance to compete.

In competition there are winners and always losers. Some win regularly and some lose regularly. Most of us are on a roller coaster winning some and losing some. What’s my point. Its often difficult to identify the humble regular winner on a food chain you are not used to climbing.

I suffered this difficulty this week. A humble rocker and regular winner on the entertainment food chain was near, real close. It was hard to tell what link in this chain this rocker occupied. I knew it was a high link, I knew the name and some of the history. I listen to the music all my life since high school. But is was not my food chain.

I just saw a human being with a history in Flint doing a PR job I did not quite understand. But it was not expected that I should.

I sat across the lunch table and talked a little politics. He was with his wife and was dutiful. He carries himself with great dignity, professionalism and presence. He was gracious to everyone around him. Thankful for their thoughts and acts. I was bemused when the radio station Dj acted like he idolized this regular human being.

I saw autograph seekers all day long.

I did not understand.

I guess 26 years of politics and 10 years as a practicing lawyer has burned that part out of me.

Later , a day later I realized that I no longer have any heroes.

This regular human being who toils in the entertainment industry is a hero to these people seeking his attention , autograph and audience to explain his impact on their lives .

Having a hero is a good thing. I don’t buy music and remember neither names or song titles. I just know what I like when I hear it but can never order it. Heroes?

I guess you want to be like your heroes. You aspire to their characteristics for your self or just the enjoyment of being in their presence. Heroes?

I think how we treat other people is important, especially the old, young and those who have not competed as well as we have. I THINK WE SHOULD BE HUMBLE.

We should be grateful those who have helped us or allowed us to ply our trade by serving them.

I was genuinely impressed with this person I watched last week. I aspire to be more like him. I have actually test flown a little more humility, friendliness, appreciation and love for fellow human being. I has had a positive impact. Hero?

This person will be my hero for that reason alone. I still can’t buy the music because I cannot name it. After the Press Tour last week ,I was on it because my wife and several friends are promoting a concert, I read up on this humble regular guy.

I am kicking my self for the 100 of unasked questions I now have for this hero of mine Mark Farner .

My questions are not about success in the music business but are about how to have success as a human being and our relationships with others.

My wife appreciates I was quite.

For back ground read the links below.
To learn more about Mark Farner, or to find up to date tour dates go to this location :

My Flickr slideshow on Farners 5/27/09 visit to Flint Can be found at. [Thumb Nails then click the slide show its 5 min.]

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