Tuesday, June 2, 2009

GM dead, Flint Rocks on.......

Good Morning Flint!
Terry Bankert 6/2/09

General Motors died yesterday…..

Our grandparents, parents, sibling, our children and ourselves toiled in those sweat shops.

How many 4 year wonder plant managers have we suffered to listen to.

How many elite sons of unwed mothers have we had to watch parade around OUR TOWN.

We suffered the humility of the working man catering to the tall thuggish, haircuts and suits that we allowed to parade around this town, our town.

Why, because we had to.

We had to pretend they gave a crap about us.

We had to pretend that because they fought to their GM position that magically they were intelligent about all other issues and should be listened too.

We watched the now half dead Flint Journal sell us out time and time again pandering to General Motors Corporate interest.

They did not care about us, we only cared about them for the jobs they provided. General Motors died yesterday, it went bankrupt. But with this bankruptcy goes the old Flint.

The bad news is with this bankruptcy goes the hopes and dreams of old Flint the security of our retirees, the economic stability of our working men and women and any hopes of keeping our children in this town.

The good news, we do not have to listen to these General Motors bastards any more.

The best news is that there are many good economic oppotunities in Flint and Michigan.

Flint has an emerging non GM business foundation, we will thrive we will revive. Join us at the Flint Revival 8/15/09.

Who should we, the new Flint, listen to….I’lll see ya August 15 2009.….

Posted Here 6/2/09
Terry Bankert

Farner Concert information http://flintrevivalinc.wordpress.com/

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