Saturday, November 8, 2008


11/08/09 Terry Bankert


America’s Now Democratic! It will not last unless we act!

WHAT DO YOU THINK?...who are we now?..what are our labels?..what is the new paradigm ?..what will be the Obama doctrine?..What will be the future role of the Political parties in this electronic instant communication age?...Just what label do we give our self that means anything?....But most importantly on a personal level are we Shepard or are we sheep?

For this brief fragile moment America’s Now Democratic (AND). Will we squander it. We cannot wait for conventions, state central meeting or elected officials parroting sound bites.

Just what is the democratic party today? [ note I use small d]

My point..join in this you wait for the new paradigm of Democratic thought ,to be given to us by the big D corporate Democrats, this opportunity may / will be lost.

I repeat:The opportunity NOW BEFORE US will be forever lost if the party does not redefine itself.

Become a Shepard , guide and protect, not a sheep waiting to be herded to a new barn!

GET INVOLVED NOW....AMERICAS NOW DEMOCRATIC (AND)...But not for long in this new age. If we do not act to redefine our selves to reflect the electorate that has said; Its time for a change. We are with you democrats, in this election, but this shift is not permanent until you show us what you got as a party just as Obama will have to show us a President.

Get involved #2

Give me a call, invite me to speak to your group. I’ll show ya what I got! You should do the same!

Posted here by Terry Bankert (AND)

“If you want to be seen just show up and stand up. If you want to be heard just speak up. Do not wait to follow just lead.”


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